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the wind tapped like a tired man

No description

jj berta

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of the wind tapped like a tired man

By: Emily Dickinson Meaning: The meaning of this poem is about her thinking of something. She found no answer then it left to be nothing to her and left her all alone. Similes Personification assonance -Emily Dickinson was born on 10th December, 1830, in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts.
-died on May 15, 1886, at the age of 55
-Emily Dickinson was never married.
-only 11 of Dickinson's poems are currently known to have been published during her lifetime.
-she was a middle child
Connection: -what we are referring to is a kind of world event because it happens to every one. Every one thinks about something for a while then it just suddenly goes away. In this poem the “wind” comes and stays for a bit then it goes when she is done with it. Theme: things are always there, will come and go from time to time. In this poem the wind could be her memories that she is thinking about then it leaves. -The first line is a simile, "The wind tapped like a tired man" the effect of this is saying that the "wind" is weak like when you're tired. It makes you think of how hard the wind is blowing.
-Line 6-8 "To offer whom a chair were as impossible as hand a sofa to the air" This is comparing to offer the wind a chair is as impossible to hand a sofa to the air. The effect is it makes you think of how she is offering the chair to the wind and you make an image in your mind.
-Line 10-11 "his speech was like the push of numerous humming-birds at once" this is about the speech of the wind was like the push of humming-birds. The effect of this is it shows them pushing something and it makes you think of how his speech was. -Line 1 "the wind tapped" this is also in the title; it is saying the wind is banging on something and wind can't tap. The effect of this is making you paint an image of the wind blowing so hard it taps on your door.
-Line 10-11 "the push of numerous humming-birds at once" this is talking about humming birds pushing something and humming-birds can't push. The effect of this is that it makes you think of a picture of humming-birds flying together to push.
-line 19 "again he tapped" this is again talking about the wind tapping at the door. This is saying that the wind taps but it is a human trait. -Line 2-3 “host and boldly” these two words have the o that does the same sound when pronouncing it.
-Line 3-4 “then and residence” the e in then and the second last e in residence make the same sound.
-Line 9 “no and bone” the o’s in these two words make the same sound.
-Line 17-18 “flitting and timid” the first I’s in both of the words make the same noise when pronouncing. "The wind tapped like a tired man" Theme Information By: JJ and Courtney The End
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