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Lavender Town Mystery


Jafet ChaB

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Lavender Town Mystery

More than 100 kids died This may be the reason why POKEMON GREEN was never released outside of Japan Also the kids before they commited suicide suffered irritability, accompanied by insomnia, gaming addiction and, in many cases, nosebleeds. Finally, the victims suffered nausea and vomiting, and a very strong depression (something improper in children of that age). Lavender Town Mystery The first cases of the “Lavender Town Tone” and associated events were reported a few months after the release of of “Pocket Monsters Red and Green” for the handheld “Game Boy” videogame console. This town is one of the smallest and useless towns of the game, leaving aside the fact that it is the home town of the main character,the location would be unremarkable if were it not by the “Pokémon Tower” that is located there – a colossal building that holds the graves of hundreds of deceased Pokémon. This is the pokemon tower The event says the last saved game on the gameboy before the child will commit suicide was in Lavender Town The melody had high frequency sounds that only children could hear what caused that after a while of listening they suffer mental problems and hallucinations What do you feel when hear this melody? Imagine to play a game with this melody for more than 20 minutes Thankyou!!
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