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No description

mike hunt

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Ultranationalism

form of nationalism
-Ultranationalists move from
valuing their own nation to
hostility towards other nations -Some people may agree that
ultranationalism includes elements
of racism and fanaticism -Ultranationalist ideas may differ
in diffrent countrys
-Building a strong country may
be nationalistic in one country but
ultra nationalistic in another Ultranationalism and propaganda
in world war 1 PROPAGANDA
- Propaganda refers to information
and idead that are spread to achieve
a specific goal
- These ideas were often lies and were
Ultranationalists used propaganda to
presuade and manipulate people -Propaganda often
- called their opponents names
-used words to hide the truth
- used peoples fear to manipulate This is an example of propaganda This poster uses fear
to manipulate the people
to think bombing others
will protect them The gemrans use propaganda
to make the germans think that
jews were evil In germany they also used propaganda to make hitler sound like a really helpful person who would solve there problems without hurting no one BIOGRAPHY www.google.com
Exploring nationalism
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