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Copy of Student Satisfaction

Analyzing student satisfaction at George Brown College

Kaliroy Petropoulos

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Student Satisfaction

Classroom Experience Facilities/Services Recommendation Thank You! Teachers Curriculum Quality of Learning Library Student Services Cafeteria Book Store Washrooms More hands on, field trips, guest speakers
Consistency with timetable and course
Teachers should dress professionally
Help students be better prepared for the work force
What really matters?
What does the quality of education really mean?
Influences? How much am I learning?
Is it appropriate?
Effective teachers?
What matters and why?
Team Player? Accesscibility Gym Results George Brown has scored lower on student satisfaction, graduate satisfaction, graduate employment rate, and employer satisfaction then the province and GTA schools.

George Brown Graduates scored highest with the program they took relating to their job.

The satisfaction with the usefulness of their college education in achieving their goals after graduation was low. Purpose Methods Discussion Improve student satisfaction Student surveys
Secondary Research
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