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Copy of Final I2D

Ing. Innovación y Desarrollo IID

Cecilya Minila Ruiz

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Final I2D

The “14 Grand Engineering Challenges of the 21st century” are divided
into four multidisciplinary
themes: What is ? a innovación es la aplicación de nuevos conceptos, ideas, productos, servicios y prácticas, con el objetivo de ser útiles para el incremento de la productividad y del bienestar social. Un elemento esencial de la innovación es su aplicación exitosa de forma comercial. L Examples of some areas that may conformed from the academic offering at Tec de Monterrey: Turn in your application and take the admission test Request an admissions interview* to the career's email address
i2d.mty@itesm.mx Schedule and submit online the "Emergenetics
International" evaluation. Interviews will be scheduled starting April 23rd. The I2d Career Director will send you a written decision from the Selection Committee in a period no longer than 10 working days after you have submitted the “Emergenetics evaluation”.

*Presential or online We are facing
major social,
economic and
challenges. Desde tus primeros semestres estarás inmerso en proyectos y procesos de innovación reales. En nuestro INNOVAction GYM encontrarás el espacio ideal para la experimentación y el aprendizaje colaborativo. en procesos y proyectos de innovación que generan valor gracias a su conocimiento y capacidad de conectar e integrar las
principales áreas de la ingeniería. Se
distinguen por su enfoque multidisciplinario,
así como por la profundización en un área de aplicación emergente de la ingeniería, misma que eligen y acentúan durante su carrera you are the beginning of a better world We need young people who are PASSIONATE about engineering that are: PROACTIVE Being proactive is taking the iniciative, along with the responsability to make things happen; to decide at any moment what we want to do and how we will achieve it. COMPROMISED Being proactive is taking the initiative, along with the responsibility to make things happen; to decide at any moment what we want to do and how we will achieve it. Being a leader is what allows you to influence and motivate other people to work together for a common objective.
LEADERS AUTONOMOUS Tec de Mty This career has a selective admissions process.
If you accept the challenge, follow these steps: For more information:
Dr. Ernesto Rodríguez Leal

Phone: (81) 83582000 ext 5400
/i2dTecdeMty I2D Carrer Director nnovaction is the application of new concepts, ideas, products, services and practices looking to be useful for increasing productivity with social and sustainable approach. I Sustainability
Reducing Vulnerability
Joy of living "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we creadted them" You will design your curriculum to concentrate in the emerging engineering area of your All of this, with the support of an academic advisor. flexible project
driven multi-
disciplinary You will work in a team with partners from other engineering degrees in innovactive projects with an integrative approach.
Companies know that if their rate of change is less than that of the environment, their end is near.Hence, people who drive innovation are highly valued. visualize your future The Royal Academy of Engineering DARE TO DO IT Curriculum:

General Education
Mathematics and Sciences
Engineering Basics
Electives with emphasis on engineering
Projects and workshops of engineering innovation
Management Skills Autonomy is to gradually make use of the practice of liberty to the extend that you expand your knowledge, experimenting and validating your resources. With more autonomy, more responsibility
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