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Understanding Technology Learners

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Bernadeth Palon-Villas

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Understanding Technology Learners

Understanding Technology Learners
Today's learners appear smarter, yet they can't read as their parents do.
Students became more alive through video presentations and slides.
The concern for new learners are valid. But teachers today still used the traditional education program applicable to the learners of the past.
A current technological revolution is creating an intellectual revolution, faster and better than ever before.
Because of the advanced technology that we have now, teachers must be aware of the importance of technology in teaching.
Modern Technologies
The concern for new learners is not well understood, it serves to know what scientists say, as follows;
There are positive benifits derived from the used of information technology and these counterbalance possible negative effects of technology on children.
Traditional Educational Materials
It is observe that, the learners spend much of their time talking with friends on their cellphones, sending text messages and interacting and surfing the internet.
Daily exposure to high technology-personal computers and others stimulates the braib by strengthening and creating neutral circuits.
a 19th century psychologhist who presented a chart from childhood to adulthood.
Jean Piaget
Multi-tasking can be detrimental since this prevent concentration and the completion of the specific tasks.
There are valid concerns to be met. One of these is the feared of the learner along face to face social skills.
Given the digital age today, Piaget's traditional learning chart must be redefined.
Therefore,there is a need to balance the good and possibly detrimental changes observed among new learners of this information technology age.
Group 1 BSE III-English
Bernadeth Palon
Jordan Manuel
Reylene Galut
Gillian May Mallare
Lei Anne Cajang
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