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Psych 314 Presentation

Group 2 Presentation for ME241 Fluid Mechanics By. MUA and AH

Ahmad Hassan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Psych 314 Presentation

Purpose Computer generated world to:
releive pain
overcome phobia/anxiety
motivating physical therapy
help clinicians hone their interview skills
and much more...
"Best way to put something behind you is to put it in front of you" What's it like?
Different types
Head mounted display
Projection on walls
Through utilization of:
Voice recognition

Pain Control Proof that it works Why does it work? Fighting Fear How it works Treating PTSD with VRT Burn Patients Virtual Reality Therapy Ahmad Hassan The Future of VRT is undeniably effective
has wide spread applications
has no side effects, little to no risk Questions? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Systematic Desensitization
Exposure Therapy
JUST A TOOL! VRT Excruciating pain - skin stretching
Morphine doesn't help - distractions do
Brain controls the pain
Send the mind elsewhere... ... how about Snow World?
... or maybe Spider World? For burn patients
Playing Nintendo, reported EXTREME pain
Not so much pain when in Spider World "Virtual reality is not just changing the way patients interpret coming pain signals; the programs actually reduce the amount of pain-related activity" Human attention like a "spot light"
Less attention available Blood pressure cuff to cause pain
Chocolate World - drop in pain reported Thermal pain stimulus
Snow World Vs. Cheap Simulator History Introduced in 1990s:
Barbara O. Rothbaum of Emory Univ.
+ Larry Hodges of U of NC
Effort to treat phobias Methods Very similar to exposure therapy
Introduce phobic client step by step
Fear decreases, client more comfortable
Example "Miss Muffet"
Spider Phobia
1. Virtual kitchen, virtual tarantula
2. Move around, get close as possible
3. Glove that creates virtual hand
4. Navigate kitchen with hand
5. Final step: touch the spider with virtual hand Miss Muffet's fear of spiders lasted 20 years
Almost gone in 10 one hour sessions of VRT
Held a live tarantula
Consequent studies showed same results Treatable Disorders Phobias
Anxiety Disorders
Prolonged exposure usually works
VRT is perfect, better outcomes
9/11 attack
"Virtual Iraq" VRT Need for LARGE clinical trials
Technical experience Limitations Better technology (Super Snow World)
Expansion to many other fields
Price reduction ? Sources
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