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High School Political Education

Purpose: Improve networking, student aid (with resume writing, workshops), inspire political interest, knowledge about bills/issues. -Educating students about the CA state government.

Matthew Broad

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of High School Political Education

High School Political Education Improve networking, student aid (with resume writing, workshops), inspire political interest, knowledge about bills/issues.
Educating students about the CA state government.

Student Initiative Mission
offer community service hours
letter of recommendations for college
a workshop that will greatly improve students' knowledge about CA government.
What Needs To Be Done Contact state assembly members to participate.
Guest lecturers, shadowing opportunities.
Contact similar organizations throughout CA to model after.
Need a curriculum of some sort (workshops?).
Website set-up.
Outreach to HS students.
Things High Schoolers Will Learn Our Representatives The Political Process Senate Versus Assembly Our "To Do" List TO DO LIST:
Have activities done
Create Cards for Taboo (they have been ordered wait till they arive)
Create Icebreaker game( toilet paper, M&Ms )
Recruit at least 2 interns willing to continue with the project
A day in the life of a High Schooler, and how it relates to Government.
Contact multifaith/racial groups to see if they would be interested in providing a representative to explain how minorities fit into the political system
The Agenda Agenda (in development):
2 hrs of instruction (3: i.e., exec, leg, judicial)
1/2 hr break
2 hrs of speakers (2)
1 hr lunch (provided?)
1-2 hrs of activities:mock sessions: create a mock that will engage all three branches.
taboo game
Expected Time Frame
By winterbreak 2010 we should have a pilot workshop ready for trial
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