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Tsimtsum in Life of Pi

No description

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Tsimtsum in Life of Pi

Tsimtsum in Life of Pi
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
If God is an omnipresent being, how could he create a world with sin and imperfection?
What is
Literally means "a reduction" of the divine energy that creates worlds.
the idea that creation occurs when God contracts himself
existence requires some sort of connector to the Creator
He hides His light from us, so that we can make our own choices, but He is present within being hidden
He is more present in His absence than in His presence
Background of Tsimstum
Life of Pi
by Yann Martel, the author utilizes the name of the ship,
, in order to display the significance of God throughout Pi's journey.
"We left Madras on June 21st, 1977, on the Panamanian-registered Japanese cargo ship
. Her officers were Japanese, her crew was Taiwanese, and she was large and impressive" (Martel 90).
Hebrew word meaning "contraction"
The Jewish culture believes that God is everywhere, so there would be no room for creation.
Can also describe shrinking oneself in order to understand God's divinity.
Martel utilizes many different ethnic groups and portrays different lives that will experience this journey.
Effect: Displays how many different species that Pi will encounter on his journey.
Author's Choice
Martel's use of the name

presents even more diversity within the novel. The boat is Japanese and though the name sounds like it is as well, it is actually Jewish. This contributes to the various religions within the novel. With the name being as important as it is, Pi's personal journey now incorporates religion even more than it previously did.
"You said the weather improved quickly. The ship sank and right after it was a beautiful day" (315).
Author's Choice
Martel displays the men as confused and overwhelmed with the different interpretations as to what actually happened.
Effect: The men's confusion portrays the uncertainty within the concept of Tsimtsum and God in general.
Martel incorporates this uncertainty to display how complex Tsimtsum really is. God contracts himself in order for there to be an abundance of creation. In the same way,
The Tsimtsum
contracted itself in order for Pi to experience this journey to find himself.
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Quotation #2
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