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Sustainable Restaurant a New Trend

No description

Ana Vieira

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Sustainable Restaurant a New Trend

Sustainable Restaurant a
New Trend Course: Licenciatura em Marketing Turístico – Pós – Laboral
Year/ Semester: 2º Year / 1º Semester
Teacher: Ana Luisa Pires
Done by: Ana Rita Prieto nº 4110270
December 2012 THE WATER HOUSE RESTAURANT Both restaurants help sustainable economic development, creating jobs and helping the local economy Use of recycled materials
Reuse / Recycle waste
Use of Renewable Energy Environmental Preservation The People's Supermarket Lack of the Social side A non profitable cooperative that benefits the population with their low prices. watching a video! What is the Mission of the People's Supermarket? Sustainable restaurants as restaurants that are making an active commitment to being more sustainable Acorn House Acorn House

Waterhouse Restaurant Acorn House treats and recycles all its waste, searches localy and seasonally grown ingredients, and purifies tap water to minimize glass usage and delivery. The Waterhouse Restaurant open in 2008, uses its hydroelectric kilowatts to power the deep fryers, stove top, and heating and cooling system The company owner •We need to do everything we can to help sustain the planet for our future generations.
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