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Turkey Headbands

No description

Brooke Allinger

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Turkey Headbands

Turkey Headbands
Step 1
Gather your materials
You will need...

Orange Paper
Yellow Paper
Red Paper
Brown Paper
Wiggly Eyes
Tape or Glue
Pen or Pencil

Step 2
Take your brown piece of
paper and cut it into strips.

Take two of those strips and
tape or glue the ends together
like shown.
Step 3
Next, glue the other end of the
strip to the other, making a circle
or the headband.

This will be the body of
your turkey.
Step 4
Now take the yellow, orange,
and red pieces of paper and
cut them into feathers shapes.

Make the feathers varying
sizes to make the tail fuller
Step 5
Take the brown piece o
paper and use the scissors
to cut a circle.

This will be the head of your
Step 6
Take the head of the
turkey (the brown circle)
and tape or glue the head
to the turkey's body
(the brown headband).
Step 7
Then add two wiggly
eyes to the head
(brown circle) of your
turkey headband.
Step 8
Take the red paper and use the
scissors to cut the wattle.

Then take the yellow paper
and cut out a bill.
Step 9
Take the bill and wattle
you have just cut out and
tape or glue them to the
turkey's head below the
eyes, like the picture
Step 10
Take the red paper and
draw two wings using the pen
or pencil, this is to help cut
cut out the wings.

The final result should look
like the picture.
Step 11
Next tape or glue the two
wings to the side of your
turkey body, the brown
strip of paper.
Step 12
The final step is to take
the yellow, orange, and
red feathers you have
already cut out and tape
or glue them to the back
of the turkey headband.
The feathers should be taped
or glued on the inside of the
headband, like shown.
Final Product!
Admire your turkey headband
and wear it proudly!
To teach people how make these festive headbands
for educational and family bonding purposes.
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