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Copy of Finding a "Just Right" Book

No description

Monica Hodges

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Finding a "Just Right" Book

So many books!
Which one
should I read?
I need to find a book
that's JUST RIGHT for me.
Here are 4 strategies for finding
a "Just Right" book for you.
5 Finger Rule
Open your book to any page
and start to read.
Every time you come
to a word you don't know,
hold up one finger.
When you finish the page,
how many fingers are you holding up?
0-1 fingers = Too Easy
2-3 fingers =
4-5 or more fingers = Too Hard
A "Just Right" book for you will have some new and challenging words,
but not too many.
Here is strategy number 2.
The Goldilocks Method
Some book are too easy.
"I know this book by heart."
"I can read every word without stopping."
Some book are too hard.
"I don't understand
what is happening in this book."
"I need help reading
a lot of these words."
"This book is boring."
Some books are "Just Right".
"I understand most of what
I'm reading."
"Only a few words are new to me."
"I want to keep reading
to find out what happens next."
Like Goldilocks, choose the book
that is JUST RIGHT for you.
Here is one more strategy
for picking a "Just Right" book.
Activate your schema.
Schema is what you know.
If you've already read a book that's
from the same series, or if you've read other books by the same author, then the book may also be "Just Right" for you.
5 Finger Rule
The Goldilocks Method
Activate your schema.
Finding a "Just Right" book
will make reading fun!
And the more you read,
the better reader you'll be.
Don't forget, you can always ask
your librarian or teacher for help!
So go out and find
a "Just Right" book right now!
How will I ever decide?
"This book is one of my favorites."
If you play baseball then you may have
a lot of schema about baseball.
So, a book about baseball may be
"Just Right" for you.
If you pick a book about something
you've never heard of, then it might be too hard for you and you may need help reading it.
Now you know 4 ways
to find a JUST RIGHT book .
By: Monica Hodges
"Reading in the Round" by Flickr User Let Ideas Compete
CC Attribution Non-commercial No Derivs 2.0 License
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K. Hudson
Music from dig.ccmixter.com "Amarok" by oldDog
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I PICK Method
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