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i'm making you this amazing presentation. these are definitely reasons why i should be allowed to be a hedgehog. if you pay attention, you'll be on the ride of a lifetime.

taylor crew

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of MOM/

mother, i know i'm pretty poopy with this responsibility crap, but think of my crabs! i take care of them so well..
mom, i really do believe that if i love it enough, i will work for it. mother, i don't know if
you have noticed,
but my birthday is
coming up!
and i really want something to
take care of. we could spend the night at the lake
and hedgie could just stay home!
tony said they could. hedghogs require just as much care as a gerbil would.
clean its cage once a week, and presto! happy hog. hedgie does not smell
like hamsters do!
he also takes up just
as much space as my crabs! hedgie doesn't require much care. just food and water, both inexpensive, and he's all set. his bedding isn't too expensive at all either! and mom.. how can you resist?
LOOK AT THEM! so, if you would, please.
just consider this.
pets are a great way to cope,
and it's nice to just have something. thank you for your time,
i hope you enjoyed the presentation. remember the statistics.. WHY I SHOULD BE ALLOWED A HEDGEHOG.
by taylor crew.
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