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Art of the Elizabethan Era

No description

allie binford

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Art of the Elizabethan Era

Art of the Elizabethan Era The Elizabetham age Art of Elizabethan Era Robert Peake Sources art in architecture durning the Elizabethan Era, was all about a show of wealth as well as status
The art style followed the Tudor style, but succeeded by the Italian style which was introduced by Ingo Jones
During the reign, paintings were most dominate by portraiture and miniatures born in 1576 and died in 1619
often called "the elder," to distinquish him from the his son, William Peake and from his grandson, Sin Robert Peake
he made a variety of paintings, but a popular one is queen Elizabeth going in procession to Black friars in 1601
Peake was paid $7 for "pictures made by his highness" www.spekeo.com
http://thelostcolony.org/education/elizabethan-era/ most fascinating period in the history of England
Era of the 1st theatre, the globe with William Shakespeare
A period in which the arts flourished
Architecture of the Elizabethan period became expression of wealth and status pop art pop art was the most popular movement durning the elizabethan era
pop art is the use of matrials from the everyday world of popular culture, such as comic strips, canned and science fiction
famous pop artists are Andy Warhol and Roy Hichtenstein Marcus Cheeraert born in 1561 and died 1635
family was embroiled in the wars of religion and emigrated to England
a successful painter
painted a variety of portraits including a full- length portrait of Queen Elizabeth l Dance the most popular instrument played hute
hute = a musical instument from the era
other instruments are viol (predecessor to the violin)
spinet ( like piano)
overall the instruments played by the people were stringed, wind, percussion and key board Music music called be performed by musicians or simple songs and ballad by villages and fields Elizabethan dancees were enjoyed by the upper classes
some of the most notable dances durning this era were Paval, Galliard, the Almain ect
paval- required procession of men and women who is slightly touched thier fingers
Galliard- is quick and energetic dance
the Almain- performed with keyboard and lute instruments Questions 1. What was the art of Elizabethan era like?
2. What art movement is popular?
3. Who are popular painters of this time?
4. What instruments did people play?
5. What dances were popular? Answers 1. art in architecture durning the Elizabethan Era, was all about a show of wealth as well as status
2. pop art was the most popular movement durning the elizabethan era
3. Robert Peake Marcus Cheereat
4. Hute and spinet
5.Paval, Galliard, the Almain ect
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