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University Library

No description

maria mcphatter

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of University Library

It has been verbalized that the Center for Writing Excellence is one of the support service tools that I utilize the most because of Riverpoint Writer, however, the eBook support service is a very important tool as well. The eBook support services tools allows adult learners the ability to access textbooks for designated courses of study online. This is very convenient to the adult learner not only because of the financial relief it provides, but also because it is accessible at all times where the adult learner may have Adobe Reader capabilities. University of Phoenix has provided hands-on tools that will enable adult learners the room needed to continue to be self-directed learners as well as providing support when the adult learner feels that they are in need. These types of online resources empowers adult learners to further take charge of their education and allows adult learners the opportunities to sharpen their cognitive and critical thinking skills.
University Library
University Library is an interactive library for traditional classroom students as well as on line students.The University Library appeals to the Adult Learner because it provides direct access to every resource that an actual public library provides. The University Library seems to cater to the
Practical and results-oriented
characteristics of an adult.

Provides access to University Librarians
Provides access to library resources such as encyclopedias and dictionaries.
Multimedia (Podcasts)
Test Guides and Preparation
Scholarly Peer Reviewed Articles and Journals
Journal Indexes and Abstracts
Writing and Publishing resources
Media Library
The Media Library provides and stores a variety of short videos that are designed to meet the educational needs of students from all areas of education focus as well as Career Resources.

The Media Library provides time length selection which enables students to watch Media that fits within their time schedule, while still providing key information that is needed to increase the adult learner’s educational and even personal needs.
Students are able to set their own Filters so that only the media that meets their specific needs can be easily accessed. The Media Library is a perfect example of a resource that is designed to cater to the time constraints of the adult learner
(“Multi-level responsibilities").
Center for Writing Excellence
The Center for Writing Excellence is a resource used to help develop and improve written communication skills.

Within the Center for Writing Excellence, students are able to access Paper Review Services, which consists of:

Plagiarism Checker:
Which provides students with access to have their papers reviewed for plagiarism to make sure that an individual’s/team’s work is authentic.
Provides the adult learner the ability to copy and paste their written work within the grammar review and editing to ensure written assignments are grammatically correct.
Virtual Organizations
Virtual Organizations:
A set of innovative learning tools used to teach and assess problem solving skills as well as providing the students the ability to create solutions.
“Aging does affect learning. Adults tend to learn less rapidly with age. However, the depth of learning tends to increase over time, navigating knowledge and skills to unprecedented personal levels.”
(Pappas, 2013).
In adulthood, Critical thinking skills are heightened, rendering an increased level of knowledge-based awareness.

Support Services Graphic Organizer
Center for Writing Excellence Reasons
The Center for Writing Excellence is my preferred tool of choice within Support Services. The CWE provides detailed programs and program instruction on how to produce graduate level essays and presentations. River Point Writer is one of the most effective tools that a learning institution could ever provide its students. River Point Writer provides students with the capabilities to communicate the lessons learned in an effective, accurate, and professional manner. The CWE meets the expectations that I have as an adult learner because of its usefulness in providing the ability to provide assistance on how to effectively communicate by using written and verbal communication that is grammatically correct which is an asset that is needed in order to function in everyday life (workplace, home, community, and internationally).

Adult learners
have high expectations. They want to be taught about things that will be useful to their work, expect to have immediate results, seek for a course that will worth their while and not be a waste of their time or money. This is why it’s important to create a course that will maximize their advantages, meet their individual needs and address all the learning challenges.” (Pappas, 2013)

Pappas, C. (2013, May 9). 8 Important Characteristics of Adult Learners. Retrieved from http://elearningindustry.com/8-important-characteristics-of-adult-learners

University of Phoenix. (2013). University of Phoenix Library. Retrieved from https://portal.phoenix.edu/library.html
University of Phoenix. (2013). University of Phoenix Library. Retrieved from https://portal.phoenix.edu/library.html
Review Important Grammar Topics:
This is an interactive tool that allows students the ability to review and practice grammar and punctuation.

**Tutorials and Guides:
Tutorials and Guides provide access to resources that assist students in their understanding of the writing process and essay formatting. Students are also able to view an actual APA Sample Paper, learn how to use the Citation Generator, River Point Writer, Thesis and Outline Generator, and other resources. The River Point Writer tool, is what I use the most because it is very easy to use, and all a student would need to do is to download the program onto the computer or laptop, and begin their paper within River Point Writer tool. This program ensures that there is the title page and essay are within APA format. River Point Writer is also able to guide students through the process of creating APA formatted citations and references.

Writing Help on PhoenixConnect:
This resource is an extension of the support services community. Students are able to interact as a community that is able to obtain live assistance by using communication tools such as WebEx and teleconference. These are tools that are also used within work places who operate with 21st Century resources that enable its employees the ability to have full access to all types of resources that are able to increase communication and instruction by providing tools such as WebEx that provide face to face interaction as well as technical interaction between the students/employees and the facilitators.
Center for Writing Excellence
University of Phoenix. (2013). University of Phoenix Media Library. Retrieved from https://portal.phoenix.edu/medialibrary/medialibrary.html#rpr=10
Virtual Organizations allow students to connect to different companies such as hospitals, businesses, schools, and cities through internet and intranet connections. With internet and intranet connections, students are able to access the entities listed above through the web, and get real life experience by viewing the financial information, confidential memos, employee files, and other secured information that they wouldn’t have access to if they were not able authorized users of Virtual Organizations.
Virtual Organization Cont.
Traditional Classrooms whether they are held in an actual classroom or online, are excellent ways to teach theories that necessary for students to learn, however, they do not allow students the hands-on experience(s) they need to perform their current or future jobs accurately, efficiently, and effectively. But, by having access to the Virtual Organizations interactive system, students are able obtain a wide range of actual problems that require them to practice the theoretical lessons they have been learning about within the classroom.
Since problem solving skills are among the top 10 skills for job candidates that most employers look for, according to the “National Association of Colleges and Employers” website, the Virtual School Portal enables students to build and sharpen their problem-solving skills within the practice environment of the Virtual Organizations tool. Besides problem solving skills, the Virtual School Organizations tool within the Virtual School Portal, allows students to practice and navigate through business sites to build their technical, verbal, organization/priority, and written skills, as well as their ability to influence others.

Pappas, C. (2013, May 9). 8 Important Characteristics of Adult Learners. Retrieved from http://elearningindustry.com/8-important-characteristics-of-adult-learners

University of Phoenix. (2013). University of Phoenix Library. Retrieved from https://portal.phoenix.edu/library.html

Maria McPhatter
AET 500
May 5, 2014
Melinda Medina

University of Phoenix. (2013). University of Phoenix Media Library. Retrieved from https://portal.phoenix.edu/medialibrary/medialibrary.html#rpr=10
Provides online access to course textbooks for each area of study such as Business, Education, Information Technology, General Studies, and Doctoral Programs. This support service also provides access to other general services such as APA information, grammar and writing guides, as well as a search engine, that allows students the ability to type in exact words so that immediate resources can be found. This will save time and frustration for adult learners who also have less time to hunt for the information needed.
Center for Mathematics Excellence
University of Phoenix. (2013). University of Phoenix Center for Mathematic Excellence. Retrieved from https://portal.phoenix.edu/cme/cme-home.html
CME provides students with the ability to watch videos, interact with detailed tutorials, provides practice problems, tip sheets, Power Points, and web links to help students prepare for current and future examinations.
University of Phoenix. (2013). University of Phoenix eBook. Retrieved from https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/content/eBookLibrary2/content/home.aspx
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