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Luisa Valenzuela

No description

Briana Moran

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Luisa Valenzuela

Phase 3
Luisa Valenzuela origins
Luis Valenzuela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
At her childhood she was sorrounded by novelist and story
makers. When she was at the age of 20 she married a french
named Theodore Marjak. She moved to Paris were there she
worked for the Radio Télévision Française. In 1961 she moved
back to Argentina were she became a reporter and in 1965 she
divorced Theodore Marjak. So after the divorce she got Becas
and became the greatest writer. So after all these moves she
became the best writers.

1. In Luisa Valenzuela life one important thing was "She published her first story, “Ese canto,” in 1958.
Phase 1
In this story it talk about a lady that climes a mountain and finds a new way to live. For example she found out that her world in the city is different than there world in the mountains. Because the In the mountain world then don't believe int the future or the past. They only believe in the present. And in the city they believe in the future, past and present.
2 . Luisa Valenzuela after pulished her book Later that year,she got married with French sailor,
some of the good memories that luisa valenzula is when she was first satring to write novels she was 14 and she met two of her favorite authors and they were Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sabato.
Luisa Valenzuela was a native of Buenos Aires. She was an inveterate traveler who loved masks, rituals and carnivals. She was also a journalist for many years. Between 1979 and 1989 she lived in NY.
Why did they start writing? What/who influenced them?
Luisa Valenzuela
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