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Answering an Open Ended Question

APE Method

Cynthia Wilson

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Answering an Open Ended Question

nswer rove xpand How Do You Answer an Open Ended Reponse Question? Use the APE Method ! How do you do that? Say What? What is that!? Answer: Add Proof from the Text Tip: remember to add "quotation marks" to show that it is a quote from the reading selection.
DO NOT SUMMARIZE OR PARAPHRASE Expand, Extend, Connect * This happened because...
*The author was trying to tell the reader...
*One reason this is true...
*The proof is...

*Make a connection to another Text, to the World, or to Yourself. * The information from the text...
*Evidence to support this idea is....
*The picture showed that... What? Still Nothing?!? OKAAYYY!!!! *Answer the question explicitly *Answer the question
in the first sentence *Cite evidence to support your answer
* Cite evidence in an effective way
*Use only quotes that tie directly to the answer *Use only the part(s) necessary Explain explicitly how the evidence proves your answer Hey! Can I ask you somethin'? Start your ANSWER with part
of the question. Ooooh!! Now stop
monkeying around
and get started! Go ahead...
Try it!
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