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Water Conservation

No description

Stephanie Miller

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Water Conservation

It is crucial to conserve water because we could run out of fresh water to use, we need water to live, and we rely on water a lot.
Reason 1: We could run out of fresh water.
Less than 1% of Earth's water is fresh water. Only .003% of this fresh water is available for humans to use. On average, 260 gallons of water are used per family each day. That is a lot of water! We are using water at such a fast rate, that the fresh water resources we have could dry up. If we use too much too fast, we won't have the fresh water we need.
Reason 2: We need water to live.
We also need to conserve water because we need it to live. Without water, we would become dehydrated and die. Plants need water, too. We use plants to get oxygen and food in order to live. If plants don't have water, they will not survive and we won't have the food and oxygen we need. Lastly, fresh water is needed because dirty water can cause many illnesses and diseases.
Reason 3: We rely on water a lot.
A third reason we need to conserve our fresh water is the fact that we use it a lot. Think about your daily routines. You shower or take a bath, brush your teeth, use the restroom, and wash your hands and face. All of these routines require water. Without it, we would have to make some serious changes in our daily lives.
Counterclaim 1: Isn't water a renewable resource?
Water is a renewable resource, but it is not always where we need it when we need it. Water can take many paths in the water cycle and does not end up in the same place every time. If the aquifers and reservoirs where we get our fresh water dry up, we will have a difficult time finding another water resource.
Water Conservation
By: Mrs. Miller
Counterclaim 2: Can't we use ocean water?
Ocean water contains a lot of salt which is not always safe for humans to use. Drinking salt water can make you very sick. On top of that, taking the salt out of water is very expensive. The New York Times states that taking salt out of water "costs 2.1 times more than fresh groundwater and 70 percent more than surface water."
Counterclaim 3: That sounds like a lot of work!
Conserving water is surprisingly easy. For example, taking shorter showers could save several gallons of water. Turning the water off while brushing your teeth instead of letting it run can make a big difference too. Even recycling conserves water! National Geographic states, "recycling a pound of paper, less than the weight of your average newspaper, saves about 3.5 gallons of water." These are just a few simple things you can do to conserve water.


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