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Bugsy Malone

A children's Muscial coming in July

Madeleine Naidoo

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Bugsy Malone

About the Play Characters My Character Costumes Showing BUGSY MALONE Bugsy Malone will be at Lawerence Sheriff for three days in July. In the play I am a showgirl with
my best friend Josie who plays Dotty
and my friend Sayla who plays Loretta.
As a showgirl, we do a lot of dancing, we
only do three dances throughout the whole
show but it is very tiring and takes a long time
to learn a new dance. We have two different
outfits for the dressing room scene (acting) and for
the dances. The showgirls also appear in the
"Down, Down, Down" scene as Bugsy's army.
We also need a costume for that. Bugsy Malone is an
American musical set
in the 1970's. It features only
children and contains
gangsters and the new 'Splurge
Gun'. It was first featured as a film but has moved on to become
a play musical across the globe. The lead role of Bugsy Malone
went to Kieran Aldridge. Blousey Brown is played by Emily Burns,
the winner of the this years talent show. Ben Handerson plays
Dandy Dan. Fat Sam is played by
Jack Bayliss. Grace Russell is Tullulah. Jack Collins plays Fizzy. Hair tied up in a
bun. Grey / silver costume,
with short, ruffle sleeves
and leggins that stop before
the knee like shorts. And of course a side beret! :)
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