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Digital World-Bianca Tiseo

No description

Bianca Tiseo

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Digital World-Bianca Tiseo

The digital world is filled with many advantages and disadvantages. You are in control of the way you expose yourself on the internet. The Internet can be a very fun and informative place. Along with that, also comes with downs sides. There are others out there who may make the digital world difficult for you. You should follow these guidelines and Internet safety rules that I am going to inform you of.
The advantages and the disadvantages of the digital world mainly occur because there is such a wide variety of people online. On the Internet, there are all different types of people. Some have positive outlooks and spread Internet safety and kindness, while others are more negative and can act in harmful or hurtful ways. You can have fun online while making smart choices, too.
You can safely say the the advantages of the digital world overrule the disadvantages. Some advantages of the digital world are opportunities, fast communication, new friends, social media, a vast amount of information, and online shopping.
Being smart on the Internet can only benefit you and others. It's akways good to look out for suspicious and dangerous behaviors. By doing this, you help protect the digital world and make it more safe for others.
The digital world can bring many different kinds of opportunities your way. You can apply for jobs on many different websites. You could apply for a babysitting job or find a significant other. Be sure that the website is official. You can even sell something you may not want or have never used on websites such as Amazon or Ebay. It's a great way for you to make extra money with out even leaving your home! You never know what opportunities the Internet may bring you.
With technology these days, a message can be sent and received in seconds. Whether it's an email, text message, or any other way of communicating, the digital world helps for very fast delivery of information. You don't even have to pick up a phone and call someone with the way of communication in the digital world. Fast communication is very helpful. Whether you are in a dangerous situation, need help, or just simply want to say "hi" to someone, the digital world allows you to contact someone quickly.
The digital world is a great place to make new friends. Whether you're playing a game or on social media, new friends can be made anywhere. It's okay to chat with the person. You can share your interests, but nothing personal. Even if you feel like you can trust a person, you may never know who's behind the screen. Make sure you don't give out your address, phone number, where you go to school, or a detailed description about yourself. It may not be the best idea to meet that person in real life because you never know what could happen. In my opinion, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Even with all of this said, you can genuinely meet someone nice who you can talk to and get along with.
Social media is a very large part of the digital world. There are many advantages to it, which is why I put it in this category. With that being said, their are also some disadvantages. You can do many things on social media. You can upload pictures and videos of yourself and others, meet new people, manage who follows you, manage who you follow, and manage your privacy settings. You social media accounts should be age appropriate, filled with positive uploads, nice language, and nothing that could potentially hurt you in the future. It is a very good idea to keep your account on private. If someone requests to follow you that you don't know, decline their request. When you post a photo or image, be sure that your personal information is not exposed in the contents of it. If you post a picture with a friend or relative, be sure to get their permission. Remember, what you do now leaves a mark in the digital world. This is called a digital footprint. For example, if you are applying for a job and your social media account may have a picture of you drinking, you could jeopardize your opportunity if someone finds out. Always remember to keep your posts positive and appropriate.
While online, you can collect a vast amount of information. If you need an answer to a question or if you're just curious about something, you are highly likely to find an answer on the Internet. If you are doing a school report and need information, be sure to put it in your own words. If you don't you can get in trouble for plagiarism. Always be sure to include the website you get your information from so your teacher can make sure you did your work. While online, you can discover some things that you never never knew about. That's the joy of the digital world; you're always discovering something new.
The last advantage of the digital world that I provided is online shopping. Online shopping is a great alternative if you can't go to the store to get something you need. Most clothing brands offer online shopping. You can also shop for anything you can imagine off of websites like Amazon and Ebay. You can buy what you need with a click of a button. You don't even have to get up out of your seat. It helps you skip long lines and crowded stores. Personally, I prefer to do my shopping online because of these reasons.
Some disadvantages of the digital world are inappropriate or dangerous posts, fake identities, exposed personal information, and past mistakes. The best thing you can try to do is prevent these from happening without getting too involved.
Dangerous, inappropriate, harmful, and negative posts are everywhere. If an authority finds out, that person could face major consequences. If the post involves bullying, that person could potentially get suspended or expelled from their school. Before you post online, ask yourself these questions:
Is this dangerous is anyway?
Will this hurt anyone's feelings?
Am I giving out any personal information?
Would I approve of this post in the future?
Would I want my parents, family, friends, or teachers to see this?
Meeting new friends online is great but sometimes they may not be there person they claim they are. This topic goes along with making new friends online. They may have a fake profile picture, lie about their age, pressure you into doing things you don't feel comfortable with, or want to meet you in person. If any of these things occur, you should tell a trusted adult because you may potentially be in a very dangerous situation. Remember not to give into peer pressure because you should be true to yourself.
Keeping your personal information to yourself is a very good idea. It may not even be a good idea to tell a friend. They may tell someone and it could lead to a chain of people. Before you know it, someone who you didn't tell it to could know your personal information. At the end of the day, it's best if you keep private things to yourself. After all, you can never predict what some people may do.
Lastly, your past mistakes can affect your future. As I mentioned before, an inappropriate post can prevent you from getting a job position you may want and need. I am at the age where I am making big decisions. One of which is where I might go to high school. I don't, but if I had a past of misbehaving, inappropriate behavior, and bad grades, I might not be accepted into a certain school. It's always a good idea to think ahead of yourself and think about consequences prior to your actions.
As you can see by my presentation, the digital world is filled with many advantages and disadvantages. You have the choice of how you want to impact your future: positively or negatively. The digital world is astonishing, filled with many beneficial factors. Don't get involved in the negatives. Always remember to be smart, positive, appropriate, safe, and have fun in the digital world.
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