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Formely and now

No description

Prezentacja Angielski

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Formely and now

People used to ride a horse
People used to did not have a mobile phone
People used to all
written by hand
People used to wrote with a pen
Children used to played
together on the field
Children used to play outside
Formerly and Now
People used to work in the field
People used to lived in the village
Thanks for watching
People used to use
a horse to move
Now people drive cars
People used to have just
a landline phone
Now people use
Now children play in the
computer games
People used to work in the fields to have food
Now people go
to shops
People used to lived in the village in the small house
Now people move house
in the city to have everything nearby
Now people use
computers for writing
People used to play in
board game with all family
People used to play in board game
Now people play in computer
games in solitude
People used to have
very big, heavy and bad TV
People used to have bad TV
Now people have
smart TV
People used to read books
Now people read books
in eBook
People used to read traditional, paper books
Children used to feared on horror movie
Children used to feared monster and ghost with horror movie
Now children feared
when parents return from school
People used to listen music with CD
Now people listen
music on smartphone
People used to listen music with plate CD
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