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Senior Capstone Project: Fashion Design

No description

Miranda Terry

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Senior Capstone Project: Fashion Design

Why Fashion Designing?
I have always been a"fashion forward" person
It allows me to be as creative as I want to be
It constantly reminds me of where I came from
What did I Learn?
What employers look for in a potential employees
How to keep your store running smoothly
How to meet store goals
Opportunities of advancement.
What it takes to own/be manager of a store
What Kind of Designs Did You Do?
Action Product
For my action product, with the help of, www.buzzfeed.com, I created shirts. To do this, buzzfeed provided many styles of how to cut, design, and make shirts. So, I used the tutorials they provided for making the shirts and created my own my shirt. I also, sketched a corest from www.idrawfashion.com.

My mentor for this project was the manager of Rue 21.

Senior Capstone Project:
Fashion Design

How Did I Do This?
1. Gather materials. ( T-Shirt, Scissors, and crayon)
2. Lay your t-shirt on a flat and hard surface
3. Using a small piece of cardboard and a crayon trace small rectangles into the back of your shirt.
***First two rows: 4 rectangles each
***Next two rows: 6 rectangles each
***Last four rows: 4 rectangles each
4. Carefully cut out the rectangles drawn on your
What Have I Learned From This Project?
Meeting deadlines are imporant
Staying on task is key
Fashion designing is still the career I want
Because of this project...
I'm doing even more research on my career topic
I'm working on my sketching skills more
I'm more academically driven
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