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The Report Road

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of The Report Road

Roadside Jokes
Who drives all their customers away?
What vegetable rots first?
Why did the fire truck go to the office?
Roadside answers
1 .A taxi driver.
2 .A carrot.
3. He heard someone got fired.

Lucky Winners
A lucky winner gets a picture of Snoopy or Goofy and the lucky winners are...Eliza, Zoe, Ben and Jack!!!!!!!!!!

The Warriors had reached 50 wins. The Maverick's
acquired Power forward/center David Lee.Yu Darvish started pitching after Tommy-John surgery (Tommy John surgery is a surgery to the arm)

Goofy's Game of fun
Here is how to play. We are going to pick 3 sticks and they will play Goofy's game of Fun! They will draw a picture of their favorite Disney Character or a Peanuts Character and Andrew and Trevor are the judges. They have three minutes to draw their favorite character.
All the contestants gets a picture of Snoopy carrying a balloon. (You still have to try your best)
READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are your prizes lucky winners and the Goofy's Game of Fun contestants !!
Thank you For Coming
Thank for coming and I hope you had a great time
With Andrew and Trevor
The Report Road
Thank you all contestants for your hard work.
And the winner is...
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