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Urban Education

No description

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Urban Education

* Faculty and students will comprise of African Americans/Latinos

* Faculty members are highly educated and dedicated to helping students

* Students are ambitious, motivated, energetic

* Parents are invested in their education

* Classrooms are small; row of desks


Ashley Baker Kelley Guerrero Norma Flores Yesenia Infante

Table of Contents
* Defining Urban education
* Generalizations
* Prior Expectations
* West New York
* Newark
* Trenton

Low Standardized Test Scores
Resources/School Website
West New York
Gang Affiliations
Deviant Behavior
Behavioral Issues
Language deficiencies
General Information
* Essex County
* Public Charter School
* Newark School District
* 9th – 11th grade
* 280 students
* 14 teachers

General Fund Summary
School Website
School Demographics
Students: 95% African American & 5% Hispanic

Teachers: 98% Caucasian 2% African American
Teacher Interview
Classroom Observations

* No standard bell system
* Students pick up a "Do Now" as they enter the
* This day in history....
* Review of the "Do Now"
* Correct answers are followed by snaps

Classroom Observations

* Teacher informs the students of the agenda for the day
* Lecture on the great comprise
* Group work done for two minutes
* Independent writing assignment for 5 minutes
* Scoreboard Stamp
* Exit ticket
Strengths / Pros
* Become a better teacher
* Excellent school leadership
* Resources
* Professional Development Workshops
* All teachers are bilingual
Weaknesses / Cons
* Bad behavior

Biggest Challenges
*Prior Knowledge
What is a Charter School?
Teachers and Faculty
* The school hires quality teachers.
* The teachers work as a collective unit.
* Classroom Organization
- “Teach Like a Champion” by Doug Lemov
- “No Excuses” (Cardenas, Personal Communication, November 4, 2013)

Foundation Collegiate Academy (Cont’d)
The School’s Overarching Goal
* “Our mission is to ensure that all of our students secure the academic knowledge and skills to prepare them for the nation’s finest colleges and to instill in them the core values of caring, respect, responsibility and honesty” (http://www.foundationacademies.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=182455&type=d)

School Website
School Twitter
School Facebook

- The students who attend Foundation Collegiate Academy come from more diverse backgrounds (M. Cardenas, personal communication, November 4, 2013).
- “No Excuses” Cardenas, Personal Communication, November 4, 2013)
-According to Cardenas, “… we [teachers] don’t have time to waste. We have to make sure that you [students] have the same academic skills as a student that’s going to high school in Princeton. We have to make sure that you have the same exact comportment, behavior, and character as a student that is in Alpine, NJ” (Cardenas, Personal Communication, Nov. 4, 2013)

West New York School District
Hudson County
Grades Preschool - 12
Memorial High School (grades 9-12)
1,764 students
145 teachers
12.17:1 ratio
Over the last two years, charter school enrollment has increased by over 3,000 students; it is projected to grow by more than 2,000 students next year
People's Preparatory Charter School
Memorial High School
Foundation Academies
Urban Education


General Funds
Prior Expectations: Foundation Collegiate Academy

* Teachers will have strong relationships with their students

* Latest technological equipment

* School will have visually appealing bulletin boards

* Metal detectors

* Students use informal language

* Students are mandated to wear uniforms

* Students will have newest edition of sneakers

Prior Expectations: People’s Prep

* Ethnic minority students

* Different languages spoken in the hallways (particularly Spanish)

* Lack of school spirit

* Lack of extracurricular activities/ student involvement

* Tight security

* Outdated technology

* Disobedient students

*Teachers that are not passionate about their profession

Prior Expectations: Memorial High School

General Information
Test Scores
Important information about Trenton, NJ:
Language other than English spoken at home:
Educational Attainment
Per capita income in the past 12 months:
Median household income
Persons below poverty level:
http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/34/3474000.html Thank you]

Welcome to Trenton, NJ

School/Classrom Observartion
Outdated Fountains and building structure
Smartboards in majority of classrooms
Overly-crowded hallways
Tight security
Students are well-behaved
A lot of spanish being spoken
Teacher showed film to connect Historical period to the lesson (Forrest Gump)
Gave them a Take Home Quiz on Movie focusing on the historical aspects of it

Established: 2011
Enrollment: 150
Grades: 9 – 12
77% African American,
17% Latino, 6% Other

The school admits new students on
the basis of a “lottery [system]” (Cardenas, Personal Communication, November 4, 2013).

Enrollment & Acceptance:

Brief Overview:
Students demonstrate whole-hearted effort (especially in learning the language)
Students are well-behaved which allows for progress, however the capabilities are not the same as in suburban districts.
Qualified Teachers (recent retirement rate)
Language Barriers with some teachers
State implementations makes effective teaching difficult in comparison to suburban districts.
Lack of Parent Involvement
Academies (Performing Arts, Public Policy, Freshman/Sophmore)
Aren't allowed to develop personality and grow
Our mission is to ensure that all of our students in grades 9 through 12 achieve academic excellence, continue to develop strong character and build a commitment to community advancement. Our core values of Intellect, Empathy and Action will be at the heart of students' daily experiences so that they are successful at the college of their choice and in life.
Foundation Collegiate Academy
The Teachers & Faculty at FCA
- Mathematics Teachers: 3
- Math Consultant: 1
- Foreign Language Teacher(s): 1
- Science Teachers: 3
- Social Studies Teachers: 2
- English Literature Teachers: 3
- Physical Education & Health Teachers: 2
- College Advisor: 1
- Team Leaders: 3
- Principal: 1
- Executive Assistants (part – time
and full – time): 2

Diversity of Student Body
The Student Body
- Algebra & Geometry
- English Literature & Composition
- Biology
- American History
- College Prep Class
- Advisory & Literature Circle

- Mathematics
- English Literature & Composition
- Biology
- College Prep Class
- Advisory & Literature Circle

- Algebra & Geometry
- English Literature & Composition
- Biology
- Ancient Civilizations
- College Prep Class
- Advisory & Literature Circle

- Algebra & Geometry
- English Literature & Composition
- Biology
- World History
- College Prep Class
- Advisory & Literature Circle

Grades and Classes

The Strengths about FCA
Caring Teachers
Embrace Diversity
-The school hosts a “Multicultural Fair”
(Cardenas, Personal Communication, 2013)
Tech. Gadgets
-Smart Boards, smart phones, and smart

The Weaknesses about FCA
Unrealistic goals for the student body

* Faculty and students will comprise of African Americans/Latinos

* Faculty members are highly educated and dedicated to helping students

* Students are ambitious, motivated, energetic

* Parents are invested in their education

* Classrooms are small; row of desks

Ralph Maritnez, in the district for 18 yearsTeaches
World History, U.S. History 1 Honors
Previous Student-Teaching experience in Minnesota
Describes the differences in capabilities
i.e. Geography Project
Emphasis on Student involvement (i.e. Student Government, Student Council, Drama Club)
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