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Burger Block

No description

Ivy Tan

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Burger Block

Burgers that send you burping off the block BURGER BLOCK The Big Four P's Product Burgers Main product: Our USP: Burger Block offers you not-so-typical-fast-food-outlet burgers. Fact #1 Fact #2 We cater to your wants
and needs Want a different, unique taste to suit your personal preference for your burger? Love experimenting and be your own chef? No problem. We have a great variety of ingredients ranging from the best buns to juicy patties to a wide selection of sides. Your burger, your own unique combo. Make-your-own Block Busy and just want a great burger on-the-go? We've got it readily created for you, with the best combos from our chef. Guaranteed to still make you burp through the block all the same. No-Block Lane Fact #3 Price Source Internet-based businesses which connects suppliers, manufactures and buyers together Mutton burgers Fish burgers Our Specialty Burgers: Fact #4 We cater equally juicy and yummy burgers to vegetarians Our vegetarian burgers: Mushrooms After the Rain Potatoes Gonna Potate Cinderella After 12 Place The Finalized Cost and Price Cafeteria in Monash University in Sunway Campus Ingredient Cost an increasing student population every year.
no other burger joints in Sunway Campus.
next to Monash University Campus, there is an ample parking lot for visitors and students.
our burger joint is easily accessible because:
- it is located near the main road.
- walkways and transportation to our burger
joint are available. Hamburger bun - RM 0.50 per bun
Vegetables and toppings - RM 2 per burger Overhead Expenses Why Monash
University? Competition Sub of the Day RM 7.50 Normal Sandwich RM 10 - RM 16 Visibility. The cafeteria is a well known place and our burger joint is very visible once people step into the cafeteria.
We have sufficient space for customers to dine in comfortably. we have negotiated with the landlord to rent this place for our burger joint. Demand Image Our burger joint is : Eco-friendly ! Burger shops in Monash campus we use biodegradable products We offer unique and better quality food Provide a nice environment for customers to dine-in Our burgers are all made with the healthy concept in mind. No-Block Lane burgers all come with healthy greens. We highly recommend our customers to include these healthy greens in Make-your-own Block too. Basic greens in all our burgers: lettuce tomatoes Fast lane concept. Cater for students and lecturers cucumbers All the mushrooms you love combined with tofu in an awesomeness-packed patty. A combination of sweet potatoes in one juicy patty topped with cheese and oregano. The sweetness of pumpkins, a little hint of saltiness from black beans, combined with yummy chick peas, all jam-packed in one patty. We've just said it all. No-Block Lane Menu Types of Patty Mutton Chicken Fish Dory Eel Spicy mutton burger topped with onions and pickles served with fruit salad and potato salad. Deep fried grounded mutton topped with mushroom sauce served with fried mushroom and Caesar salad. Teriyaki chicken with BBQ sauce accompanied by chicken wings and meatballs Baked chicken with Parmesan covered with cheese sauce served with fruit salad and mashed potatoes. Deep fried chicken with herbs served with coleslaw and cheese baked wedges. Salmon We are planning to serve 300 burgers a day
Grilled salmon with herbs served with poached potatoes and fresh garden salad Mahatma Ghandhi Profit: RM7 - RM9 Poached salmon in lemon butter sauce served with wedges and fried mushroom Butter poached Dory with mashed potato and fried mushrooms Cream cheese stuffed Dory with Caesar salad and Coleslaw Worth the price - we provide you burpilicious burgers that have both quantity and quality. Eel in garlic and mint sauce with wedges and fresh garden salad Smoked eel in BBQ sauce with meatballs and fruit salad we target middle class people with the affordability of our burgers. Tuna Pan-seared tuna with avocado, lime and ginger with onions accompanied by cola chicken wings and coleslaw Grilled tuna with jalapenos accompanied by fried mushrooms and Caesar salad. Grilled curry mutton topped with melted cheese served with mashed potatoes and fresh garden salad. Sidelines - Mashed potato
- Wedges
- Meatballs (mutton/ chicken)
- Chicken wings (Nestum/ Cola)
- Fried mushrooms Salads - Fresh garden salad
- Caesar salad
- Fruit salad Snacks Soup-of-the-day - Mushroom soup (Mondays)
- Borsche soup (Tuesdays)
- Pumpkin soup (Wednesdays)
- Minstrone soup (Thursdays)
- Oxtail soup (Fridays) Make-your-own Block Menu Patties - Mutton
- Fish (Dory/ Tuna/ Eel/ Salmon)
- Chicken
- Beef Veggies and Toppings - Olives
- Lettuce
- Tomato
- Cucumber
- Pickles
- Capsicum
- Jalapenos
- Parmesan cheese
- Cheddar cheese
- Cream cheese
- Oregano
- Onion
- Turnip
- Ham Buns - Charcoal
- Black sesame
- Oat
- Wholemeal Sauces - Mint
- Parsley
- Olive oil blend
- Shitake mushroom
- Garlic butter
- Chilli
- Black pepper
- Mustard
- Tartar
- Lime Nelson Mandela Rosa Parks Adolf Hitler Ho Chi Minh Aung San Suu-Kyi Berlusconi Shah Rukh Khan Megan Fox Jackie Chan Arnold Schwarzenefied Ah Jib Kim Jong-un Barack Obama social media for business Publicity and Feedback
Rewards and Specials for check-ins:
Tweet or share your check-in:
Free soup-of-the-day
Check-in 5 times:
Free burger of choice
Check-in with five friends:
Free burger of choice Instagram Photos of our food or location provides us publicity
Discounts or rewards for users by showing their Instagrammed photo
@burgerblock account as a part of public relations.
Like and comment tagged photos — thereby providing the image that we value our customers.
As a platform for advertisement capitalize on current trends and events
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