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Chris Tomlin

The story of a christian singer, Chris Tomlin

Shelley Johnson

on 17 January 2012

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Transcript of Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin The story of how God used a man's talents to change lives Born in Grand Saline, Texas. Born on May 4, 1972. Has two younger brothers, Ryan and Cory. Early Life Tyler Junior College Texas A&M University He wrote a book called,
"The Way I was Made:
Words and Music for an Unusual Life" Raised in a christian home. First born of Connie and Donna Tomlin. Got his first guitar after he got better. Wrote his first worship song at age 14. Got mono at 11 years old. College Life Studied to be a physical Therapist His father thought is was only a hobby Career Ended up singing Won many awards Joined Passion, a group of many artists His band Daniel Carson-Electric guitar, backup vocals Jesse Reeves-Bass Guitar, backup vocals Travis Nunn-drums Matt Gilder-piano, keys Current Life Married To Lauren Lives in Atlanta, Georgia Leads worship at Passion City Church How he changed lives His songs His influence His prayers His love for the Lord His kindness His example His success His heart for God Funny and semi-popular video he is in He didn't really get a bowl cut for this video-He wore a wig Louie Giglio:
Passion Leader Chris Chris' long awaited wife His newest music video:
"I Lift My Hands" Baby girl born on September 22nd Her name is Ashlyn Alexandra Tomlin Her name means dream They hope that she may have great dreams for her generation
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