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Felix Hernandez:(

No description

Nadya Hernandez

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Felix Hernandez:(

The day my brother passed away that afternoon... it was a tuesday afternoon i was in school
until i get called to the office because i was getting signed out i saw my mom & dad crying,& i asked them "did you sign out felix too?" & at the moment my mom and dad started to cry a river.... my parents told me that my brother was being
transported to San Antonio that he was unconcious that
he might die,when they told me i didn't wanna believe it
i started crying i wouldn't eat & i wouln't sleep just thinking about it made me more sad & deppressed that day i was just getting negative
thoughts,I fell more sad when my sister called me to tell me that my brother was on life support because he was still not responding after she told me that 2 hours passed,all i could hear was my sister crying and i told her what happend and she told me that if my brother didn't respond for friday there were gonna take the life support off!:( the next day,i get a phone call like at
12:00pm it was my dad,he told me that if i wanted to see my brother for the last time and i told my dad what do you mean "for the last time?"*crying* and he told me your brother is gonna die he is really sick he is not gonna make it,that moment i bursted into tears i cryed all the way from laredo to San Antonio... i was in San Antonio,i went to the
emergency rooms were felix was being taken cared at,when i entered his room i started crying,i couldn't handle seeing my brother like that i sat next to him i holded his hand all day i talked to him,and i thought to myself everything is gonna be ok.
on friday night me,my sister,my dad,& my mom were getting ready to go to sleep there at methodist hospital in SA as hours passed things were going wrong my brothers heart beat was dropping,that moment I knew something was wrong,then the nurse said "call your parents!!!"i went running to the waiting area and started crying and told my parents that something was wrong,when my parents got there the nurse told all of us "get ready" and I turned around to see my parents and i started crying then the nurse told us "say your goodbyes":( i bursted into tears.....like at 2:20 am is when i lost my brother i couldn't believe my brother was gone:( Rest in peace!
Felix Hernandez
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