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Group 5: Essential Elements of Collaboration

No description

Stacy Britsch

on 9 November 2011

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Transcript of Group 5: Essential Elements of Collaboration

Group 5 Common Purpose Clinical Competence & Accountability Stacy Britsch, Cara Shina, Jean Carmona, and Kathy Witmer Conclusion Benefits:
Essential Characteristics

Trust and respect are built on the assurance that each member is able to carry out his or her role and function in a competent manner and be accountable for his or her practice Must be basis for collaboration...

Mission statment and goals...

Promotes interdependence amongst team members...

Allows synthesis of complex comprehenisve care plans... Clinical competency and accountability
Common purpose
Interpersonal competence
Effective communication
Trust and mutual respect

Collaboration Leadership can shift amongst partners.... Trust and respect develops from collaboration... Shifting leadership allows us to learn from one another... Interpersonal Competence Effective communication
Value Conflicts
Stressful Situations

Oral and Written Skills

Transparency: promotes integrity and accountability

Trust and Mutual Respect Evolve from clinical competence and accountability Diversity Recognition and value are placed on complimentary knowledge and skills Openness to learning promotes teamwork and collaboration Humor Decreases defensiveness and invites openness.

Relieves tension.

Deflects anger. Improved:
Quality of care
Patient Satisfaction
Patient Outcomes
Patient Safety
Personal Satisfaction
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