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amy lindsay

on 30 November 2009

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Transcript of Switzerland

Switzerland Where is the Country? The location of Switzerland is 46°57'N(Latitude)07°28'E(Longitude). Switzerland Boarders France, Germany,
Austria and Italy. From north to south, it is 135 miles (220 km) and from east to west, it's 220 miles (350 km). It's Capital
is Bern and Largest city, Zurich.
Switzerland's Flag Switzerland's flag was introduced on December,12,1889. The flag has a white cross in the center and a red background. Unlike most of the world's flags, switzerland's flag is square. Faith in Christianity is represented by the white cross on a red base. The flag itself represents freedom, honour and fidelity. Over the years the flag has gained the representations of neutrality, democracy, peace and refuge. Before it was the flag of Switzerland, Swiss soldiers would wear the white cross on a red base so they could differentiate themselves
from the enemy and also to show their
Christian faith.
Currency The currency in Switzerland is called a
Swiss Franc. The abbreviations for the
Swiss Franc are CHF or SF (sometimes used). Depending on the Canton, Swiss
Currency is divided into 100 units. In the areas that speak french, the currency is know as a centime, Italian areas call it centisimi and rappons are used in the German speaking areas in Switzerland.

$1.00 CHF = $1.05 CAN
Swiss Franc Canadian Dollar
Swiss Families Family life in Switzerland is demanding. People in Switzerland don't start to think about a family until later in there life. They focus on their own life and career first. Women do not have their first child until later in life also, maybe in their late 30's. Most couples only have 1 or 2 children, mostly due to financial difficulties. Rather then buying, they prefer to rent, so they are not tied into a long contract. Houses in Switzerland are just like ours here in canada, so there is
not much difference. Education The Swiss education system is simmerler to ours in some ways.Children start kindergarten at age 6, which is the youngest. Before going into the oldest grades, they will first do 1 - 2 years of kindergarten. Students in Switzerland usually graduate at 19 or 20 years of age after spending 3 - 4 years in secondary.
ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) is ranked the top university
to study at. About 90% of students in
Switzerland graduate with a
The History The current president of Switzerland is Hans - Rudolf Merz. Each year a new president is elected. The country of Switzerland was founded in 1291. The Confederation of this country is seen as an oath which was sworn in 1291 as mutual support. It was between three orignal cantons : Unterwalden, Schwyz and Uri. On August 1st, the Swiss celebrate this day in honor of
Switzerland's Confederation. In 1993,
it was named a national holiday. The Countryside The countryside in Switzerland
consists of the Jura, The Alps and
the Swiss Plateau. Three - fifths of
Switzerland are covered by the Alps.
The terrain there is rugged with ice and snow. Glacier covered valleys show the characteristics of the last ice age. In The Swiss Plateau, almost every vally is covered in vegetation with numerous rivers running through. Food Swiss food id diverse and is influenced by French, Italian or German cuisine. The chesse fondue is the most well know dish in Switzerland. It is usually found in the Swiss Alp region. It is made of 1 - 3 types of cheeses mixed together in white wine. The mixture is heated in a pot and small pieces of bread are dipped into it. Another melted cheese dish is Raclette. It's a block of cheese that is held over an open fire and the melted cheese is scraped off and usually eaten with bread or potatoes. What Switzerland is most famous for would have to be their hand made chocolates. Switzerland is one of main exporters for chocolate. Chocolate making in Switzerland has been going on for a long time. Some Swiss chocolate manufactures include Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt and most famous, Toblerone. Sight seeing There are alot of sight to see in beautiful Switzerland, mostly outdoors because most are natural. If you just like to lay back, relax and enjoy the scenery, you can ride the GoldenPass Panoramic train. A place you can visit is the Chateau De Chillon. The 11th century century castle is on the shore of lake Geneva. One place you have to go would be The Alps and it's most famous peek, The Matterhorn, which is 4,479 m in height. If you are interested in music you may want to go to the Montreux Jazz Festival held every July. Artists like David Bowie, Rey Charles and Massive Attack have performed on
that stage. Art is also shown there.
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