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Crispin: At The Edge Of The World

Awesome Timeline

Cole Dragonslayer

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Crispin: At The Edge Of The World

Reading it
Middle of Story
And End!
Very Beginning
Keep Going...
In the Beginning...
In the start of the book, Crispin and his new father, (nicknamed "Bear" in the story) are right out of a city named "Great Wexly" landing them back where they were in the end of the last book: "Crispin: The Cross Of lead." and are set off into the world to live as free men, getting as far away from the city as possible. Soon enough, their past comes back, and Bear is recognized by a member of a secret rebel brotherhood.
Bear, in the past, helped a secret brother hood named John Ball's brotherhood. Bear then conspires with a man that was in the brotherhood, who ran an inn. The inn owner,recognizing Bear's face soon called him a traitor to the brotherhood, and, to leave his inn where he served food. Soon enough, Crispin looked back at the man while walking away from his inn, only to see that he had a longbow in his grasp.
Crispin soon sees that Bear has an arrow wound in his leg, after running into the forest, quickly tending to it and then settling down for the night in the forest, Crispin soon sees a pair of eyes glowing at him from the bushes, only to be a girl who's name is Troth, who lives with a old hag named Aude. Who agrees to aid Bear and Crispin by helping Bear heal from his arrow wound. Aude soon beaten to death by a group of angry townspeople later. Leaving Troth, with Bear and Crispin.
Later on, after a while of traveling, Bear, Crispin, and Troth make it to the ancient town of Rye, only to see that it was earlier attacked by the French leaving the city in ruin. Staying in a inn that was being rebuilt, Bear, Crispin, and Troth all took a loan from the innkeeper: Benedicta and all got new clothing and other items. They all stayed quite a while in Rye.
After that...
Soon, pursuers from John Ball's brotherhood catch up to the group, but this time there is three of them this time, but, someone is soon notified of this and tells Crispin and Bear. Bear, Crispin, and Troth soon flee onto a boat with other sailors on it. The sailors, leave to Flanders and all go overboard, leaving the others on the ship, only to be shipwrecked on the coast of a strange place.
Going off of the ship, Crispin and Troth soon sees a who pack of men, who appear to be soldiers. He soon tells Bear and Troth quickly about them, they, were Englishmen. They were briefly surrounded by the company and they are taken into their hands.
A man named Richard Dudley, who lead the group soon turned onto his initial plan, to claim a treasure in a church. But, the soldiers couldn't go through the secret entry to raise the gates of the church, so, Troth was forced to.
In the falling action/resolution of the book, Crispin, was left tied to a oxen cart. Bear was at the front lines of the attack, Bear previously rummaged through the oxen cart and moved a sword closer to where Crispin was tied up, resulting that Crispin cuts himself free, kills the guard who is guarding him, and makes it to Troth, and helps her raise the gates. At the very end of the story, Crispin and Troth escape safely by the instructions of Bear, who sadly didn't escape with them.
Crispin: At The Edge of the World
By Avi
Crispin: At The Edge of the world sets a cast full of characters that will blend together in a stunning 3 part series by Avi, taking place in medieval Europe.
Here is a timeline of this book made by me,
Cole Schomer
Almost to the end...
Crispin: At The Edge of The World
The End?
So, thats my timeline
Of this book
Hope everyone liked it.
Rate, comment, subscribe, whatever.
This Was By
Cole S

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