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Annotation Method

No description

Marie Russ

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of Annotation Method

Hit the Target
Annotation Method
What Steps Do I Take to
Target the text
Why would You need to Annotate a Text?
Essential Question: How does annotating a text help me better comprehend what I have read and allow me to become a better writer?
1. Identify the following:
1. Title
2. Headings
3. Visuals & Vocabulary

2. Number the paragraphs

Are there any words that I need to define in the title?

Based on the title, what can I infer about the text?

Based on the headings, what do I already know or what can I infer about the topic?

Based on the headings, what questions can I infer?

How do the headings help build the structure of the text?
Are there pictures, graphs, charts, maps, tables, sidebars, and/or captions?

What additional information can I learn from the visuals?

How do these visuals support the author's purpose and central idea?

During Reading

1. Identify the following:
1. Points of Confusion
2. Key Words or Details
3. Connections
4. Important Parts

2. Summarize by Paragraph
Points of Confusion
Identify Points of confusion with a

What questions do I
have about the text?
Key Words or Details

Underline key words or details

What key words or details help
me better understand the text?
Identify connections with a

Think about
How does this relate to me?

How does this text relate to other ideas in other text(s)?

What does this remind me of?


Identify the title with a

Identify the headings with a
Visuals & Vocabulary

Identify the visuals & vocabulary with a
Important Parts

Identify important parts with a

What details help me better understand the text?

What details help me understand the author's purpose?

What details help me identify the central ideas?

What details help me make connections?
Summarize by Paragraph
For each paragraph, write 3-5 words focusing on the main idea of that paragraph.
After Reading
Identify the following:

1. Author's Purpose

2. Central Idea
Author's Purpose

Is the author offering their opinions in attempt to cause the reader to act? Why?

Is the author telling a story? How?

What details helped me to determine the author's purpose? How did this help me?

How did the author structure the text to convey their purpose?
Central Idea

What is the dominant impression,
the message to society, or
the unifying element?

How did the author develop the central idea (dominant impression)?

Do my margin summaries and the visuals support my stated
central idea?

How can you see using this annotation
method in
of your classes?

Is there a list of key vocabulary terms and definitions?

Are there important words in boldface type?

Do I know the meaning of these words?

Can I tell the meaning of these words from the sentences in which they are embedded?
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