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My Profile as a Disciplinary Reader

No description

Jessica Johnson

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of My Profile as a Disciplinary Reader

Disciplinary Literacy is a set of skills that needs to be taught beginning in middle school and through high school. These literacy skills are specialized to content areas such as history, science, mathematics, literature, and other subject areas (Shanahan & Shanahan, 2008).
There is a need for disciplinary literacy instruction so that students can learn to read different types of texts they encounter in school and be successful.
What is Disciplinary Literacy?
My Reader Profile
- I enjoy reading several different magazines (People, US, Oxygen, and health related magazines). I read the news online mostly. I read educational and fitness blogs and websites. I read my textbooks and articles for school. I read about healthy pregnancies and child-related articles and websites. I also love to read non-fiction books.
Where and When
- I read in my bed, while traveling, in the carpool line, and while my son is eating or occupied doing something else. I also love to read in the morning with a cup of coffee before my son wakes up.
-I read things out loud often to understand what I am reading better. I also talk to myself and the author to think more critically about the text.
- I like to follow what is going on in the world. I like to learn as much as I can about education, health and fitness, and my family,
Disciplinary Literacy
I feel the most confident as a Literacy Fiction, Health and Fitness, and Physical Science reader.
I feel the least confident as a Mathematics reader.
I also tend to focus on pictures when the text is too difficult or not interesting to me.
Development of Literacy
Many of us can remember being taught basic literacy and intermediate literacy when we were young, but were we ever taught disciplinary literacy?
Jessica Johnson
READ 5317
My Profile as a Disciplinary Reader
My Profile as a Disciplinary Reader
More About My Profile as a Disciplinary Reader
I generally only read texts that are interesting to me as a mom, an education student, a non-fiction lover, and a health and fitness enthusiast.
I was never really taught how to read Mathematics and Technical texts and that is one of the reasons I avoid them.
Today I read some texts for enjoyment, others because I have to (school texts), and others because I want to make myself a better teacher and mother.
According to Buehl (2011), the goal of of middle and high school literacy development is disciplinary literacy and it is the most neglected in our instruction.
It was something that was definitely neglected in my education and as a result I avoid the texts that are harder for me to read and understand.
How My Profile Impacts My Experience
as an Educator
I am about to graduate and begin my first year of teaching within the next year. I hope to teach elementary school and help children begin to love all kinds of books. Although I avoid some content area texts, I realize that I need to allow my students to learn to read all different kinds of texts. I will not let my profile affect my students as readers. I will have books in my classrooms with a variety of genres and a variety of authors.
As a mom, I think I will choose books for my classroom that my son has always loved. I also think I will try to teach students about eating healthy through books since this is also a passion of mine.
I know that every student is different and has different experiences and a diverse background so I will do my best to think more about my students as readers and not myself.
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