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Stono Rebellion

No description

tyzai gaskins

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Stono Rebellion

Quotation 1
What happened to the slaves
What happened after the Stono Rebellion
When the slave owners caught up with the rebels from the Stono River in 1739, they engaged the 60 to 100 slaves in a battle. More than 20 white Carolinians, and nearly twice as many black Carolinians, were killed. As a result, South Carolina's lawmakers enacted a harsher slave code. This new code severely limited the privileges of slaves. They were no longer allowed to grow their own food, assemble in groups, earn their own money or learn to read. Some of these restrictions were already in place, but they had not been strictly enforced.
September, 9, 1739
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Stono Rebellion
When did it happen and how it start
Where the Stono people was headed
Stono Rebellion happened on September 9, 1739. On one early Sunday morning , , 20 black slaves met in secret near the Stono River in South Carolina to plan their escape to freedom. Minutes later, they burst into Hutcheson's store at Stono's bridge, killed the two storekeepers, and stole the guns and powder inside.The group of slaves grew in number as they headed south. Stono's Rebellion, the largest slave uprising in the Colonies prior to the American Revolution, was under way.
The Stono slaves were headed to Spanish Florida. Then reason why was because if they would have made it they would've been free.
The Stono Rebellion
Most of the slaves were killed, but some got sold back in ti slavery. Some of the slaves manged to escaped , but the English hired to Catawba and the Chickasaw to get the remaining run away slaves.
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