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No description

Michelle Torres

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Nascar

Marketing Activites . GEOGRAPHIC PSYCHOGRAPHICS What is NASCAR? Realisation - NASCAR was founded in 1948 by Bill France.
- There were three divisions.
- strictly stock was one of the three divisions and the first race was there.
- The dirt track was called Charlotte Speedway.
- Jim Roper was the first person to win, and from there, it grew bigger and became the Sprint Cup series.
- They promote races throughout North America and broadcasts in more than 150 countries. DEMOGRAPHICS Gender
- Men 62.4% $100,000+ 19.8%
- Women 37.6% $ 50,000+ 55.9%

18-24 12.5%
45-54 20.8%
65+ 13.6%

White Collar 39.4%
Blue Collar 30.1% Activites/ Events attended

- Basketball 14.1%
- Camping 24.0%
- Fishing 31.3%
- Golf 18.4%
- Hunting 14.0%
-Power boating 10.2%
- Country music concert 11.3%
-Monster trucks 2.2%
- Supercross/Motocross 1.2% Opportunities -Darrell Wallace Jr. will compete full time, for truck series. -Broadcasts in more than 150 countries in 20 languages.
-Sprint cup races take place 36 times a year. Strengths Threats -Less people interested -Repetitive
-Races are long
-Expensive Weakness Buffalo Wild Wings always has their TV’s on sport channels.
The market is anyone who loves B-dubs, and NYC has 17 of them.
If this restaurant sponsors NASCAR, the audience would eat there more often because NASCAR fans are known for their loyalty.
Buffalo Wild Wings would advertised in the nascars commercial Buffalo Wild Wings Pop-up advertisment For example, an add would show before enter pandora Buffalo Wild Wings The target market is Gen Y, with a population of 76 million
This generation from 1980’s-early 1990’s
Have a greater spending power than previous generations.
72% of gen y have smartphones U.S population NASCAR population Northeast 20% 20%
Midwest 23% 24%
South 35% 38%
West 21% 19% - Sponsorship - Sponsorship is when the company is getting represented by something or someone else.
- For an example, having a series named by company is a sponsorship.
- There are many sponsorships for Nascar like the Sprint cup, Nationwide series, and the Craftsman truck series.
- The sprint cup is the most popular in the United States and runs on Sundays 36 times a year.
- Craftsman tools sponsors them, but in 2009 the series had to get a new sponsor.
- It costs hundred of thousands to just have a company’s name.
- When the company is sponsoring a car, they get to choose how the car looks like as well.
- The sponsorship is important because if it’s only one race, can change the appearance of the car and become more well known. FIVE ACTIVITES -After a certain amount of money spent on food, they will be able to get a free ticket and be able to have a meet and greet with the driver that their sponsoring. There weill be a carboard in the entrance of the driver to let everyone know.

- kids club will be created where they can learn all about sports including nascar things. Then they will get to go to the race and support the driver.

- These ideas are feasible because everyone has too look at the menus and if there’s a nascar fan going and sees it, they will more than likely chose these ideas. It’s beneficial for both of them because B-dubs is getting more sales and more people are going to appear at the games. There’s also people who are all about donations and want to help out. All that will reflect on the driver and make him have a good appearance. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/jd-power-and-associates-reports-associations-with-nascar-and-action-movies-fuel-online-conversation-about-chevrolet-and-dodge-among-generation-y-63754972.html
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