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No description

TJ Fisher

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Computer

Computer Game and
Simulation Programing

Game must be trivia based
Bring item to question
WASD Keys: Control movement
This program can help members of FBLA learn more about the history of FBLA-PBL and the current status of the organization
Planning Process
Yet it needs to be educational and entertaining
Old fashioned
and over used
Items with answers
Collect the right one and
move to the next level
Answer Collection
If you place the correct answer on the platform, a door to the next level will open.
Shooting Game
Click on correct answers, as they appear, for points
Add rotation of camera and moving obstacles for even more of a challenge
To create a program that educates the users about FBLA-PBL trivia.
It also must be enjoyable enough to prompt replaying.
Created by TJ Fisher
For FBLA Computer Game and Simulation Programing
Move using the WASD keys and travel twice as fast by holding the right shift key
On each level, your character will start out with a floating question on a platform in front of him. Searching around the area you must find the object with the answer that corresponds to the question. Then you must grab the item and return it to the question. After five questions you will move on to the next stage. Pass enough stages and you will
ignite innovation.
After five questions advance to the next stage
Ignite innovation
Collect correct answers by moving near the object and then pressing the F key
Return to the question and again press F to advance to the next question or level
Collect the correct item
Left Shift: Doubles speed
F key: Interact with item
Space bar: Jump
Coded with Python
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