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Lily's Crossing Book Report

No description

Allie Page

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Lily's Crossing Book Report

Lily's Crossing
By: Patricia Giff
Prezi by Allie Page
Beginning Summary
In the beginning, Lily goes to Rockaway for the summer, just like she does every year. Except this year her father takes her piano with them. She hates to practice the piano, but, Gram makes her. When she gets to Rockaway her father has to leave with the Army, because they need an engineer. Lily was so mad she didn't even say goodbye to her father. Then Lily meets Albert. Albert left Hungary with his little sister, Ruth, because their parents wrote a newspaper article against the Nazi, they had to get away from the war, or they might get hurt. But, Ruth got stuck in France because she had the measles. They wouldn't let her ride because they thought she would spread the disease.
Middle Summary
In the middle, Margaret, Lily's friend, leaves Rockaway. She leaves because her dad got a job to help design missiles. Lily and Albert become best friends. They become best friends after Lily helps Albert save a kitten from drowning. They have to work together to keep it alive.Lily tells Albert that she is planning on across the ocean to France to get her dad back. Then Albert asks if he can go with her, so that he can get Ruth. Lily said sure, she couldn't tell him no, what was she supposed to do. Albert told her that he didn't know how to swim, so she taught him how to swim.
Ending Summary
In the end, Lily tells Albert that it is impossible to swim across the ocean, that France is farther away than it looks. Albert said it was okay. He said that he had lied too. That he had let them take Ruth away, and that he left without her on purpose. But, when Lily turned around Albert was swimming across the bay, heading towards France! She jumped in a rowboat and tried to stop him. But, before she could, his boat flipped! She pulled him into her boat. He said, "I'm sorry." When they got back on land they went to Lily's house and Albert warmed up with Gram. Gram wasn't mad, she said that she understood that he would try to get to his sister. Then Albert went to France and got Ruth. Poppa, Lily's father, came back from the war, and the summer was over. Lily moved back to St. Albans, wondering what had happened to Albert. The next summer she went back to Rockaway, hoping Albert would be waiting for her, maybe even Ruth. There they were, Ruth and Albert, waiting for her.
The theme of Lily's Crossing is friendship. It is friendship because Lily teaches Albert how to swim. Lily also pulls Albert in to her boat and saves his life. Even though Lily didn't have to, she told Albert the truth. Albert comes back to Rockaway, for Lily. On page 180 Albert says, "Its Lily, its Lily, my best friend."
Main Character Traits Analysis
Lily is one of the main characters. She has short blonde hair and lives in St. Albans during the school year. But, during the summer she stays at Rockaway, in Grams house. Lily is brave. On page 55 Albert's boat flips and Lily saves Albert's life, even though she could have fallen over trying to pull him in. Lily is the type of character that keeps you on edge. Albert is also a main character. He has curly dark brown hair and blue eyes. He lived in Hungary with his sister Ruth and his grandmother. He is kind because he risked his life for Ruth. You never know what he will do next.
Supporting Characters
Poppa is Lily's father, he is very tall. Poppa is courageous when he when he goes to the army as an engineer. Without him, wouldn't have told Albert that lie, and the story wouldn't have been so on edge. Ruth is Albert's sister. Ruth has long, dark, soft, curls. She is kind because she came back with Albert for Lily. Without her Albert would not have tried to go to France.
The problem, or conflict, for Lily is that her father went to war as an engineer. It made her sad and mad. The problem, or conflict, for Albert is that Ruth was sick, in danger, and stuck in France, all alone. He missed his sister and was worried bout her.
In the end, Lily's father came back from the war, without a scratch. Then Lily went back to St. Albans for the school year. Albert was reunited with Ruth. Albert and Ruth were waiting for Lily to return to Rockaway.
Historical Connections
On March 19, 1944, Germans forces occupy Hungary.
On May 15, 1944, Germans begin the mass deportation of about 440,000 jews from Hungary.
On June 6, 1944, D-Day occurs, Allied forces invade Normandy, France.
On June 22, 1944, the Soviets launch an offensive in eastern Belorussia (Belarus).
On July 25, 1944, Anglo-American forces break out of Normandy.
On August 1, 1944, Warsaw Polish uprising begins.
On August 15, 1944, Allied forces land in southern France.
On August 25, 1944, the Liberation of Paris happened.
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