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North Korea

No description

Grace Wang

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of North Korea

Development of this Social Injustice
Obligations of a Country
'Self-Reliant Socialist State'

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Vol XCIII, No. 311
Expected Future
.More brokers are being sent in and out of North Korea in order to provide for loved ones.
2.The international community is beginning to cut connections with North Korea
3.The North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004

Social Injustices in North Korea
Groups Taking a Stand
North Korea Freedom Coalition
The Committee of Human Right in North Korea
Liberty in North Korea
Goals of the North Korean Freedom Coalition
1) Make Human Rights the key policy of all governments in dealing with North Korea
2) Save Lives by helping rescue refugees and pressuring China to to end its brutal repatriation policy
3) Close down political prison camps in North Korea
4) Pressure the DPRK to Release all abductees including Korean War POWs
5) Promote information into North Korea through all means
6) Get food aid directly to the North Korean people and end all food aid distribution controlled by the regime
7) Bring freedom, human rights, and dignity to the North Korean people

Liberty in North Korea
This organization is committed to providing a way for North Koreans to leave China without cost or condition.
Songbun Caste System
Prison Camps
Ten Concentration Camps
Over 200,000 to 250,000 prisoners
More than 200,000 incarcerated
Annual Casualty Rate is 25%
Abuse, Starvation, Labor

North Korean Refugees
Illegal to leave without permission
If caught leaving
Prison Camp
Induced Border Guards
Chinese join with North Korea tighten security, punish the refugees and decrease the number by half
The Perpetrators

Kim family: three-generation lineage of North Korean leadership starting with 1st communist leader, Kim Il-Sung, in 1948.

The family rules based on the theory of Juche
Juche: the Korean masses are the masters of country's development

Kim Jong Un succeeded his late father, Kim Jong Il in December 2011

Kim family has held supreme authority and majority control over North Korea's government since 1948

Government system: Politically and Economically Communist
The Perpetrators
Camp guards enforce rules at camps and
carry out punishments

The Kaechon family controls and regulates industries within concentration camps
Mining, clothing, etc.
Range from children to elderly
Ages between 4-78
Most work 5 am to 8 pm every day outside
Fed 2 servings of corn and bowl of soup a day
Subject to re-education and self-criticism lectures
New Year's Day only day off
Most elderly workers sew garments and make shoes
Victim's fingers are hacked off if sewing machines are dropped

Rape common in camps and victims cannot have abortions

Some prisoners forced to work in mines or remove animal droppings with bare hands

Guards allowed to give any punishment without justification
24.7 million live in poverty
Chronic Food shortages
Health Problems:Lack of Nutrition
Lack of safe shelter
Lack of Transportation and Electricity

Division of Korea
North Korea
Pro Western State
Lead by Syngman Rhee
Capital: Seoul

South Korea
Established under Soviet Auspices
Lead by Kim Il-Sung
Capital: Pyongyang
Democratic People's Republic of North Korea
Kim Il-Sung
Remodeled society under Juche
Radically nationalistic ideology promoting Korean autonomy
Control of all media
Restricted international travel
Seized all private property and organizations
Centralized power underneath the Worker's Party of Korea
Implemented a perpetual purge to get rid of internal opponents
Songbun System
Punished Free Speech- "Good Neighbors tell on Each Other"
Kim Jong-Il
Military First Policy
Exacerbated Famine
From the mid to late 90's over one million people died of starvation which is approximately 5% of their population
Stunted growth of an entire generation of North Koreans
Kim Jong-Un
Continued with the Military First Policy
New Policies to keep natives inside the country
Worst Famine: December 2011 to April 2012
is a category of its own, with no parallel in the contemporary world
The Lack of Government
The failure in regulating leadership leads to:
State interests facing arbitrary arrest
Lack of due process
Collective Punishment
Human Rights Watch
International Labor Organization
Human Rights UN

Take action by informing others

We must act as human beings

Organizations are here to help

Be the Change
Death Penalty and the Criminal Code
80,000-120,000 people are imprisoned
The Ministry of People's Security

Acts as law enforcement agency
Institutes creation of concentration camps
Receives direct funding from government and Kim family
Hires guards to keep victims in camps
Public Executions
Why are they executed?
The Ministry of People's Security
Under jurisdiction of First Secretary of the Worker's Party

Operates under National Defense Commission

The Ministry has complete authority of the operation/maintenance of camps

Regulates access into and out of the camps

Built electric fences around all major concentration camps in 1988
United Nations Involvement in North Korea
Aftermath of People Who Escape
Sex Trafficking
Stateless Children
Created an international council of delegates for peace talks

UN Council sent 4,000 troops to protect borders

In 2010, United States with UN approval flew drones to identify North Korean concentration camps
(e.g. Hoeryong, Yodok, and Pukchang)

2004 and 2008 North Korean Human Rights Act Signed
1. The criminal penal code expands to include non-violent offenses.
2. As collective punishment,
three generations of your family
can be punished for 'anti-state' or 'anti-socialist' crimes.

3. Undetected abuse occurs on a daily basis.
4. Kwan-li-so camps have never been acknowledged.

of North Korean women escapees ended up becoming victims of human trafficking
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