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Student Magazine Pitch

No description

Vanessa Paget

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Student Magazine Pitch

Mood Board Magazine Name I produced a mood board containing things that the primary target audience were interested in. I also included colour swatches and ideas of fonts for the student magazine. The magazine title is extremely important since will be
the first thing that consumer will see. I came up with many different names for the magazine like College Planet, The Chi Issue, and Chi Life. In the end I narrowed it down to three names - That's Life, #College and StudentSource. I asked the target audience which name they preferred. Masthead Ideas Color Swatches Magazine Content Magazine Content Magazine Content Statistics Underneath, there are bar charts of the ages of the people and the genders of the people who were asked questions. All the people asked were part of the primary target audience. The magazine is also aimed at all socio-economic backgrounds. Above I mocked up some ideas of colour scheme that I could incorporate in the magazine. All of the target audience liked the colour swatches I picked out. I wanted to know what the target audience would think about a magazine based around college and student life since it is one of the main concepts of the magazine. I asked them what they thought about the idea of creating a magazine tailored towards college and student life. I asked the primary target audience if they would read a magazine with content relating to music, film, television, and social networks. Students between the ages of 16 and 21 have largely social lives and interact with the media in many different ways. In order to engage the student more, there should be content within the magazine that catches their attention. I asked the target audience whether or not they would read a magazine about student advice and college information. Student Magazine Ash Publishing I went back and did further research on mastheads to gain more insight into the design of them. Final Masthead Ideas The mood board displays things that the primary target audience would be interested in and enjoy. These include things such as social media, films, television shows, food, and phone apps. These are ideas of the masthead that I made up for the mood board. I asked the target audience which font they preferred. After doing research these were the
mastheads I came up with for the magazine. I asked the target audience which font they liked the most. Thanks for watching!
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