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Illuminate RtI Toolbox

IEUC 2014 Presentation

Katie Sellstrom

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Illuminate RtI Toolbox

Response to Instruction Toolbox
Identify Needs
Progress Monitor
Differentiate & Assess
Summary Assessment
Intervention Tracking
Personalized Learning Plans
Assessment Reports
Where do I start?
Phase 1 Emerging
Are you beginning to build consensus and buy in around MTSS & RtI? Is your implementation honed in on Tier 1 - providing students with high quality instruction monitored by common formative and summative asessments?
Are you starting to collect data, look for better data, or use to data to determine how to offer differentiated supports?
Do you refer students to a before or after school intervention based on assessment criteria?

Phase 2 Developing
Are you interested in fine-tuning the specificity and focus of your RtI system of instruction?
Do you have multiple types of assessment data to analyze in order to determine students' learning needs?
Phase 3 Sustaining
Are you interested in monitoring progress using both formative and summative assessments?
Is there a need for tracking program fidelity?
Do you want to create personalized learning plans?
Possible Phases of RtI Implementation
Task: Implement common assessments by grade level or course. Provide teachers with collaboration time to review results AND design new lessons based on students' performance levels, SBAC claim results, or by question groups using the Teacher Peer Comparison Assessment Report
Resource: Illuminate U! Lesson - U310

Use Custom Reporting tools to identify areas of need based on multiple data points.
Create Itembank Assessments with targeted standards to measure identified areas of need.
Use the RtI Intervention Tracking tool and/or Summary Assessments to monitor intervention details.
Use the Form Letter feature within custom reports to communicate progress.
Phase 1 Tips
Phase 2 Tips
Task: Use the Multiple Assessment Performance report to analyze areas of need and/or create a Summary Assessment with Custom Reports to capture other assessment data (computer adaptive testing results, NWEA MAP results, STAR Reading scores, Reading Levels, etc.).
Resources: Summary Assessments
Phase 3 Tips
Task: Create custom reports to paint a complete picture of student performance and needs or build an On-Track configuration. Consider using MTSS/RTI Intervention Tracking.
Task: Utilize the form letter feature to communicate with parents, monitor programs, and/or develop personalized learning plans
Resources: RtI/MTSS Intervention Tracking
RtI/MTSS Webinar - http://vimeopro.com/illuminateed/archivedwebinars/video/90894040
Illuminate U! (RtI/MTSS Intervention Tracking Tutorials) -
RtI/MTSS Setup for System Admin - http://help-dna.illuminateed.com/m/3133/c/61706
RtI/MTSS Progress Monitoring for Teachers -
Webinar (Beginning Summary Assessments) -
Webinar (Advanced Summary Assessments) -
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