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Ava's Journey From the Beginning to Now

No description

Mike Graham

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Ava's Journey From the Beginning to Now

Ava's Journey From the Beginning to Now
Memories From This Year
Purple Koala
Today on May 31, Michael brung a stuffed purple koala bear to school and everyone fell in love with it. It was purple and had sparkles all over it. It was a medium sized koala. It was adorable though.
Polly's Death
Polly died one day, and we had a funeral for her, and people said she was just a balloon, but I said she was a real person. When she popped or also known as died, alot of people were happy for some odd reason.
Got shown the Cookie Monster
Mr. Graham showed our class the cookie monster. And one person named Jason hates it, so Mr. Graham always talked to our class about the cookie monster to basicly get jason mad. And that made our whole class laugh!
How Livi Made Her Own Song
One time in gym, Livi got really bored so she was looking around outside and saw this person mowing the lawn, and so she started to sing a song that went like" Mow the lawn, Mow,Mow the lawn, and she came up with a dance and everything to go with it.
Tetherball Accidents
One day, I ran into the tetherball pole at recess because I was running and I was not looking. I had a big bruise on my head, and then the next day at recess I was running and then ran into the pole again, and did not get a bruise that time, but it did hurt. Ouch!
Jaycee Got Mad
One day, Mr. Graham said that Jaycee Smith was locked out of her classroom dorr so she got mad and kicked down the door.
The Word Buns
One day, in 2015 Mr. Graham was my group's IE teacher and on one of the word problems it said something about a person buying hot buns, and a boy named Charles Flemming was laughing to death, and the rest of the class was laughing too including me!
Twin Fights
Charles and Michael Flemminngs are twins and they were in the same IE Group so when the teacher would always leave the room they would have a fight that wouls be about who was better and they always started out saying the words"NO I Am Better" !!!!!!!!!!
The Hidden Flashlight
One day, in Mr. Graham's class, Mr. Graham had a kid named Jace's flashlight in his pocket because the kid Jace would not stop playing with it, so Mr. Graham had it in his pocket all day, so Jace could not play with it. He would take it out of his pocket only when I was looking and then he would shine it and no one else saw it but me, so when I said I saw it people would think I was crazy!!!!
Michael's unique voice
One day, Michael would always talk in this high pitched girly voice and he would say everything with that voice, especially girly things. He would always catch people's attention with that voice. It was kind of funny!!!!
Landyn Fell in a Puddle
One day at recess, a boy named Landyn Gillispie fell in a big puddle because he was sliding across the ice and then a second later the ice broke and he fell in a big puddle and got his pants and shirt soaked with water. He had to walk into the school like that and he was really embarrassed!!!!
Mr. Graham is Famous
One day in math and science class,
we were working in group and in our group we were printing off a 300 dollor bill and when we went to print it there was only one available and that was a guy screaming on the front and after we printed it, we showed Mr. Graham he put it by his face and said it was his twin.
Doggie Driver
One day, Mr. Graham told me to come to his desk, so I did, and when I did he showed me a video of his dog holding a steering wheel and the dog was driving the car. People sai dit looked fake, but to me it looked real!!!!!
Pink Doggie Wallet
One day, Mr. Graham walked by all of us kids with a sparkley pink wallet that had a dog on the front with headphones on the dog's ears. He was walking around with it and he kept on asking us if we liked his new wallet. He said it was his, but everyone beleives that it is his daughter's (Olivia's)!!!!! Who knows, it could be his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Field Day
One field day, I got 6 ribbons,

1st place= Softball throw and the long jump
2nd place= 100 meter dash, basketball shoot, and the football punt
5th place=hula-hoop
This kid in my class named Jason Dues, is addicted to the dab( which is a weird song that has a dance to go with it). Another person named Madoox Jurek, which is also in my class, tries to be just like him, so he acts like he is addicted to it too!!!!!!!!!
Whip and Nae Nae
This boy in my class, named Jason Dues is addicted to the Whip(a song that is weird and has a weird dance to go with it. And, one of his friends named Madox Jurek loves that song also, but that is only because he tries to act just like Jason Dues!!!!!!
Shark Ray
One day, Mr. Graham showed our class a picture of a LIVING creature at the Cincinatti Aquarium called a shark ray. 2 people that were in my class named Brayden and Jason, both believe that it is not a living creature, when it really is a living creature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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