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Mars Rovers

By Kris Hernandez, Jordan Beckley and Cameron Hunter

Kris Hernandez

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Mars Rovers

By Kris Hernandez, Cameron Hunter
and Jordan Beckley Mars Rovers What task does this robot perform? Where is this robot used? How many flexible joints does it have? Is this robot end effector multi-functional? What sensors does this robot have and how does the robot use the sensors? How is this robot taught to perform its task? Describe the impact that this robot has had or could have on its intended audience. What type of jobs can this robot create to provide employment? The task that this robot performs is exploring the planet Mars. It studies rocks and different landforms where humans cannot. It also searches for any sign of life on the planet, that we do not know about. As well as gather rock and dust samples, which will be identified and examined my scientists on earth. Yes, this robot is multi-functional. They use it as a chemist and a geologist. A chemist studies chemicals and compounds of different samples. Such as different types of liquids and solids on other planets. A geologist is someone who studies rocks and formations. As well as minerals, like gold and crystals. The sensors this robot has are R.A.D, which stands for Radiation Assessment Detector. It also has two cameras and a microphone. The microphone is used for recording any audio, it can pick up. The cameras are to help see where it's going and it is also used to record encounters with any life forms. The R.A.D is used to assess the radiation of different parts of the planet, in hope to colonize, in the future. These rovers can create jobs by the need for people to pilot and control the rover. As well as the shuttle that transports the rover to Mars. There will also be new engineering jobs in the proccess of constructing the rovers/ innovating them. The Mars Rover is used on the planet, Mars. Also, they use these types of robots to explore other planets, where humans are unable to do so. This robot has 7-8 flexible joints in the system, allowing it to turn and twist in many ways. Predict and explain how this robot may be altered to perform different tasks in the future. This robot could be used to perform different tasks in the future in many ways. NASA had announced plans to build a new rover to land on Mars in 2020. This rover is planned to be based on the design of the rover Curiosity, which has an on board lab. This new rover will have a storage space for samples to be sent to earth. Pictures of Mars Rovers This robot is taught to perform its task, by being test driven. Mars Rovers are controlled by heavy computers controlled by people on Earth. The drivers of these robots or NASA pilot trained, to correctly drive the robot from point A to point B. Advantages of using Mars Rovers? 1.helps to explore the new planets.
2. possibly could helps us to settle more people
3.1st man made machine to reach such a height collect samples and analyze it
4. helps eliminate the risk of radiation poison Disadvantages of using Mars Rovers? 1. Expensive to build
2. Expensive to launch
3.Dangerous to land
4.Could lose connection and control over the robot The impact on its audience would excite everyone who worked on the project, when it safely landed on Mars Surface. They e also happy when they were able to continue the project of exploring the planet.
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