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Daniel Boone

Manifest Destiny

Jueun Park

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone's Expedition The Birth of Boone Serves the Milatary Sets Out for Kentucky Reaches valley next to Cumberland Gap Attemps to Settle in Kentucky with family Reaches Kentucky River Saves Daughter, Jermima Headed for the Ohio River Makes salt Adopted Moves to Boone's Station Clash with the Indians The Death of Boone Daniel Boone was born on November 2nd 1734 in his parent's cabin at present-day Reading, Pennsylvania. His parents were Sarah & Squire Boone 0 1755

Daniel Boone began serving the British military during the french and Indian War was happening. He was a wagon driver while trying to drive the French form the Ohio Country, but it was a failure, so he returned home. May 1 1769

Bidding his family goodbye; Daniel Boone sets out for the wilderness of Kentucky with his five companions. They wore deer skin shirt and trousers, moccasins and coonskin cap. They also carried powder horns shot pouch and rifle. They had hunting belts and they brought an extra horse with supplies and extra ammunition. Sep 0 1773

Daniel Boone, his family, and friends set out for Kentucky. They reach a valley near Cumberland Gap where they made a camp. They were waiting for more people from Clinch River at the camp. Then, a group of well armed, 40 men came and joined them. Oct 9 1773

While attempting to settle in Kentucky, Boone's oldest son named James and his friends were kidnapped by a group of Cherokees, Shawnees, and Delawares. They were tortured to death gruesomely. The Native Americans sent a message about how they felt about the settlement. Due to the brutality of the killing, the party Boone was with decided to abandon him on the expedition. Apr 1 1775

Boone and his party reach the banks of the Kentucky River at Boonesborough. Colonel Henderson selected a sight for the fort
50 feet from the river bank. They built a fort to protect themselves from the Indians.
0 1776

His daughter Jemima was canoeing with two other friends. When her boat drifted away a little too far, she was kidnapped by the Native Americans (Shawnee). Daniel Boone led a party with Samuel Henderson and the lovers of the two others girls. They rescued the daughter Jemima and the two other friends.
Jun 16 1776

Daniel went hunting alone. He was out of sight and headed for the Ohio River. He didn't have food for 3 days. He crossed the Ohio with an old canoe. He also stumbled upon Boonesborough. He noticed that the fort at Boonesborough needed much more repair. Jan 0 1778

In January of 1778 Daniel Boone and a troop of men went to Blue Licks. Daniel Boone was the one who usually hunted and his troops are the ones who made the salt. Feb 7 1778

When Boone and his troops were captured by the Shawnee, some of the captives, including Boone, were adopted. Boone was given the name Big Turtle. Later on, Boone eluded with the captors and went back home, 160 miles away, by horseback and by foot. During that time, Boone's family, except Jemima, went back to North Carolina, thinking he was dead. 0 1779

Daniel Boone was unhappy about the treason trial. Boone and his family left Boonesborough. He moved to the other side of the
Kentucky River. He also built a large cabin and called it Boones' Station. Oct 0 1780

Daniel and his brother were returning home from Blue Licks, where they were making salt when they met a group of Indians. They grabbed Edward and scalped him in front of Daniel. Daniel managed to escape from the Indians
Sep 26 1820

Daniel Boone died in September 26, 1820 near St. Louis. Daniel died of fever in cabin of his sons. Fin~
thanks you for watching and waiting!
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