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Portal Golf

A great presentation about the best golfing place IN THE WORLD!!!With an awesome commercial.

Will Shellberg

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Portal Golf

Portal Golf
Grant Axelrod,

Will Shellberg,
Haley Goodwin,
Claire Garza


Elizabeth Harrison
Our Expenses
We had a budget of $350,000 and we think we spent it wisely.
Our Commercial
The Creation of Our Model
Portal Golf Logo
Time travel is something that just about every kid has dreamed of.
So when our team got together to discuss our topic, we decided on
Portal Golf, the place where you can go to your favorite places while traveling in time! The reason the idea of a portal came up, we don't know, but it is pretty cool right?
Why Portal Golf?
Thanks for Watching
Then come here!!
Portal Golf
Love It!!!
Our Logo
Do you want to time
Where are
the pictures?
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