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book report on Heat by Mike Lupica

No description

dillon ebright

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of book report on Heat by Mike Lupica

HEAT By Mike Lupica The book is centerd around a young boy named Micheal. His dream is for his baseball team
to make it to Williamsport. When his team is two games
away from Williamsport,
he is not allowed to play because... They think he is too old because he is the best player in the league and he doesn't have a birth certificite. Later, Micheal meets a girl who he falls in love with but later hurts her feelings. He finds out that she is the daughter of El Grande (a famous pitcher for the New York Yankees) Later, Micheal gets El Grande's attention and gives him a note that said sorry to the mystery girl he liked. El Grande met with Micheal's brother. He told EL Grande that Micheal wasn't allowed to play baseball without a birth certificate. El Grande helped Micheal get the birth certificate. During thier last game, Micheal was allowed to play. They Won! They made it to Williamsport and got to play thier final game at Yankee Stadium. Micheal had acccomplished his dreams of making it to Williamsport. It was a great book. The climax was when... Micheal got his birth certificate and won the game by himself which took his team to Williamsport. By Dillon Ebright, who totally deserves an "A" My Personal Conection... is that you should never stop trying, and practice makes practice makes perfect because Micheal wasn't birn a great pitcher, he practiced every day. Once I was a pitcher once, and I was the best pitcher on the team, but I stoped pitching for catching.
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