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Using the Mobile Labs

No description

K Bobyk

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of Using the Mobile Labs

How to Book a Mobile Lab
Sign out sheet
Unhappy Labs
Using the Mobile Labs
messy wires
numbers out of line
devices out of alignment
indicate issue on sign out sheet
inform Teacher-Librarian -- heat ticket
Happy Labs
wires tucked out of the way
numbers aligned
devices aligned
Plug it in!
while the class is working
when you return Lab
keep track of who uses each device
communicate issues
gather information about how devices are used
Budget 5 minutes at the beginning of class, 10 minutes at the end
I'm newt!
Meet the Chromebooks
Chromebooks: Main Office

iPads: 2nd Floor Photocopy Room

Mobile Laptops: 3rd Floor Photocopy Room (pending)

Tech Tubs: See your Department Head
Where can I find the Labs?
What's available?
Library lab: 22 desktops, plus 11 additional with Mississauga Library card

Mobile lab: 30 laptops (pending)

iPad cart: 30 iPads

Chromebook mobile lab: 25 laptops

Tech Tubs: 9 Tubs of 10 Chromebooks
Only Staff are to fetch and return the mobile labs, not students
Please do not book a mobile lab on a day you are away
Introducing the Chromebook Tech Tubs!
each tub has 10 Chromebooks
9 Tubs in the school, distributed by Department
Teacher in charge of each tub
See your Department Head for details
by K. Bobyk, Teacher-Librarian St. Joan of Arc C.S.S.
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