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Copy of The Notorious Jumping Frog

No description

Jason West

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Notorious Jumping Frog

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Twain's birth name, grew up in the Mississippi River town called Hannibal, Missouri. At an early age Twain began working to support his family after his father's death. He worked for a printing and pressing company which led to his first published writing and sketching. Twain started traveling to the American West where he gained literary recognition for his tall tale, "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras Country." Later, he traveled the world sharing his sketching, letters and lectures. After his marriage in 1870, Twain based his family in Hartford, Connecticut where he produced
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
. Despite his literary success, in 1893 Twain struggled from bankruptcy and unsuccessful business ventures. Mark Twain, a man who found humor in life filled with tragedy, remains one of America's greatest literary voices.
Mark Twain
The Notorious Jumping Frog
Jim Smiley was a man who would bet on almost anything. Jim knew he was good at betting but would only bet on things he was sure he would win. Jim would bet on dog and chicken fights, once he even bet on how long it would take Parson's wife to die. Jim had a dog named Andrew Jackson who didn't look like a harmful dog but, as soon as bets were placed on him he managed to beat every better looking dog in a fight. One day Andrew Jackson lost a fight to a dog with no hind legs. When the fight was over Andrew Jackson sadly crawled away and died.
Mark Twain
The Notorious Jumping Frog
An understatement is the technique of downplaying the significance of the outlandish, often using an ironic or humorous effect.

Mark Twain uses understatements in stories to downplay the significance of a situation, however in this story Twain does not use understatement.
Local color is writing that brings a region alive by portraying its dress, mannerisms, customs, character types and speech.

Twain uses a southern dialect to display local color in "The Notorious Jumping Frog." It is almost as if he portrays westerners as being more dumb and simpleminded then Eastern culture.
Example: "warn't", "bannaner" and "feller"
Local Color
A hyperbole is a figure of speech or exaggerating the truth.
In the story there are nothing but hyperboles to tell. An example of an hyperbole is when Smiley spent months teaching a frog how to jump. This is a hyperbole because it is natural for frog to know how to jump so you wouldn't be able to teach them. In the story Smiley also says he taught the frog how to catch flies which they do naturally as well.

Can you spot a tall tale?
A tall tale is an American form of storytelling . Tall tales often have a comic effect with events that are hard to believe. Generally tall tales aim to fool or impress the listener or reader.
Can you spot a tall tale?
One of the tall tales mentioned in the story was Smiley's fighting dog who at first didn't look viscous but when bets and money were placed the dog knew it was time to fight and became another dog who was vicious and won every fight.
The Notorious Jumping Frog
"The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras Country" takes place in California during the western times. The narrator and a guy named Simon Wheeler both are at a mining camp named Angle Camp. Simon was told by a friend to find a man named Leonidas W. Smiley. The narrator told Simon he did not know of him but he knew a Jim Smiley. The narrator then goes into a tall tale about Jim Smiley.
The Notorious Jumping Frog
Sad that his dog died, one day Jim catches a frog and names him Dan'l Webster, who he plans on teaching how to jump. For three months Jim worked hard on teaching Dan'l Webster how to jump higher than all the other frogs. One day Jim comes across a man who thinks Dan'l Webster is no different than other frogs. Jim asks the man if he wants to make a bet to see if the frog can jump higher than another frog. While Jim has gone to get another frog to finish the bet the man fills Dan'l Webster with quail shots. When Jim returns and it is time for the frogs to race Dan'l cannot jump from the quail shots weighing him down. The other frog wins the race and Jim loses the bet. With disappointment Jim picks up Dan'l Webster to discover he his unusually heavy. When he tips Dan'l over the quail shots fall out. As the narrator tries to finish the story Simon interrupts him and walks away not wanting to hear anymore of his story.
The narrator enters a tavern in Angles Mining Camp. A friend has asked the narrator to find Simon Wheeler and to find out about a man named Leonidas W. Smiley. Simon he does not know of a Leonidas Smiley but knows a Jim Smiley he loved to place bets.
Rising Action
Smiley loves to gamble but more important, he likes to bet on animals that don't seem like they would have a chance at winning like his dog Andrew Jackson. After Andrew loses one of his fights Smiley finds a frog and is set on teaching the frog how to jump.
Smiley bets a stranger his frog can jump higher than any other frog. The stranger doesn't see anything different about Smiley's frog so agrees to bet. While Smiley goes to get the man a frog so the can race the man fills Smiley's frog with quail shots. When it is time for the frogs to race Smiley's frog cannot move so he loses the bet.
Falling Action
Simon gets interrupted and cannot finish his story. The narrator walks away and comes back and says he is not interested
The narrator thinks the story is pointless and would not give him any information on Leonidas W. Smiley so he walks away.
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