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Systems Thinking


Zane Groshelle

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Systems Thinking

Thinking = $165 billion
each year World Commodities Gold Natural Gas Oil of fresh food is wasted from homes in the United States 40% Imagine if... The Secret Life of Everyday Things Grab a tea or coffee Check my mobile device Use the bathroom Eat something Life Cycle Thinking Imagine if... Coffee Systems Thinking 4 3 x25 Nature Landfill Methane Carbon Dioxide degrade 2 1 Results First thing in the morning 4 3 2 1 Results First thing in the morning Coffee/tea Uncovering "I use my phone in the bathroom" ? ? ? Coffee/tea ? Food Explore the systems Life cycle thinking Sustainability is an opportunity things 3 Life cycle thinking Sustainability is an opportunity things 3 Explore the systems Imagine If... Source: dailymail.co.uk Extraction Manufacturing Packaging Transport Use End of life ? ? Check Phone TheSecretLifeofThings.com www.ecoatm.com "I use my phone in the bathroom" What do you do first thing in the morning? Which of these 4 things do you do first? The Secret Life of Everyday Things Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) ISO: 14040 165 million every day Food Material extraction Manufacturing Packaging &
transportation Product Use Landfill Repair
Reuse Recycle Biggest impact area? Use? End of life? Manufacturer? ? Environment Folklore End of life Environmental Pick the paper! Life Cycle Assessment ? Disposability
what you think you know! photo: marc weisse Question Systems Thinking We designed products that engaged the user in more efficient use ? We developed products as part of closed loop systems or sold the service rather than
a product We designed fridges that prevented food waste Ecological Industrial Human Complex Systems Planet People Products 4-10 times Life Cycle Thinking Source: Natural Resources Defence Council Biodegradability is a material property, not a definition of environmental benefit Image source: British Antarctic Survey of UK tea drinkers admit to over filling their kettles 65% Technical efficiency of boiling water? Materials used to manufacturer? Source: Energy Saving Trust UK HEAVIER
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