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Vocabulary: Lou Gehrig~The Luckiest Man~

HM 4th grade - Theme 6

Yolonda Watterson

on 11 November 2011

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Transcript of Vocabulary: Lou Gehrig~The Luckiest Man~

(adj.)one following right after the other "Our team has won 5 consecutive games so far this season." (v.) in baseball, picking up the ball and throwing it to the correct player "Because of his expert fielding of tricky ground balls, we wond all three games." fielding: consecutive first baseman: (n.)the baseball player who guards the area around first base. "Zack, the firstbaseman, always bragged that he hadn't missed a single ball at first base." shortstop: (n.)the baseball player who guards the area between second and third base The shortstop fielded the ball quickly and made double play." VOCABULARY modest: (adj.)having a quiet, humble view of oneself "The modest pitcher refused to recognize his own accomplishments, rather he focused on the accomplishments of his team." honor: (n.)to show special respect for "The fans and players honored Lou Gehrig for his outstanding career." sportsmanship: (n)the quality someone has when acting with dignity in difficult situations "Lou Gehrig is the portotype of sportsmanship."
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