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The Demons of Salem, With Us Still

No description

Gayle Paragas

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of The Demons of Salem, With Us Still

The Demons of Salem, With Us Still

The Demons of Salem, With Us Still
Written by Victor Navasky
First published on September 8, 1996
Central Idea
In his article, Navasky interviews Arthur Miller, who compares the panic in
The Crucible
to the mass hysteria concerning Communism. In addition to McCarthyism, which occurred in the 1950s, Navasky provides other examples of paranoia in his time period, such as gays in the military and illegal immigrants. He further concludes that
The Crucible
can be applied to any aspects of mass hysteria.
"I have immense confidence in the applicability of the play to almost any time, the reason being it's dealing with a paranoid situation. But that situation doesn't depend on any particular political or sociological development. I wrote it blind to the world. The enemy is within, and within stays within, and we can't get out of within. It's always on the edge of our minds that behind what we see is a nefarious plot."
Red Menace/Red Scare
Mass Hysteria
The mass hysteria in
The Crucible
is still evident in the modern world.
"Those witches did not exist. Communists do. Here and everywhere in the world."
"...McCarthyism...was about something more universal--fear of forces one cannot control."
Personal Opinion
I agree with Navasky's opinion of how The Crucible can applied to any situation that sparks panic among the public. After the events of 9/11, America and most other countries have grown wary over terrorists, especially towards the Middle Eastern countries.
Navasky, Victor. "The Demons of Salem, With Us Still." The New York Times 8 Sept. 1996: n. pag. Print.
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