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US Regions and Resources

Social Studies UNIT 1 Lesson 3

Shaina Miller

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of US Regions and Resources

areas which share similar characteristics WEST photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli REGIONS SOUTHWEST SOUTHEAST NORTHEAST MIDWEST RESOURCES stuff we need to do something Nuts and Fruits, Entertainment, Technology
Cattle, Lumber, Fishing Cattle, Natural Gas, Oil, Cotton, Agriculture: Wheat, Soy, Corn, Dairy, and Large Cities with Manufacturing Agriculture: Cotton, Sugar Cane, Rice, Fruit Groves, Tourism NATURAL RESOURCES Something in the environment that people can use
Examples: forests, soil, water, plants PROCESSED RAW MATERIALS Natural Resources that have been changed or processsed into products people can use Agriculture: Dairy, Maple Groves, Tourism, Coal and Manufacturing, Fishing (Phishing! lol) PRODUCTS Things that people make or grow harvested cut down farmed mined refined gathered purified VS Renewable Resources Nonrenewable Resources soil trees gold diamonds what are some more??? can be replaced can NOT be replaced UNsustainable Resources
and Practices can not be replaced at the rate they are consumed
or are causing devastating damage and destruction to the source Sustainable Resources, Products and Practices are replenished at a rate that supports their consumption
and are stabilizing the integrity or health of the source organic bamboo organic farming rainforest alliance coffee lets take a look products that utilize one or more of our regional resources! Ben and Jerry's Ice Creams Use All of These Principle Resources!!! TWEETS??? From Coal???

WHAT?!?! food crops fossil fuels Just because a resource is renewable DOES NOT mean it is being renewed fast enough to meet our use!!! OR that we are processing the resource in a clean, green, or responsible way In the way our country is currently using our resources we may totally deplete, ruin or run out of many of our precious resources fair trade products Marine Stewardship Fishing solar power wind power LEED Green Building local local food sourcing SUSTAIN AND SUPPORT
natural resources
human resources Deforestation POLLUTION FROM
cars, factories, waste, farming Building wasting over fishing pesticide use mono-cropping RECYCLING + REUSING CAN TRASH BE A RESOURCE???? WANT MORE? pbskids.org/loopscoops AWE! Harry loves fresh squeezed OJ! ME TOO! Let's find out more...
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